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RSS Hrisovala

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0 points

Trump has mob links? Then I'm going to vote for him for sure. This helped me decide how to vote. Thanks for the info.

0 points

The left has never admonished its own provable misbehavior, so why would anyone care when the left doesn't care? Why would anyone hold themselves to any standards that you do not?

1 point

Here's the problem.. In order for us to HAVE the right mindset, or even discuss what the RIGHT mindset IS, we'd have to AGREE on a certain set of facts. We DON'T..

We used to agree to respecting the flag and the founders and free speech. Only one party decided that wasn't the agreement anymore. Guess which one.

1 point

What about all those dead Republicans voting Democrat?

1 point

I'm going to paste you with lemon sauce mixed with a sprinkle of tator tots.

1 point

You are either free or you aren't

With socialism you are less free than capitalism.

2 points

One thing for sure, we should be good at it. All we have to do is copy what we've seen Trump do over the last couple years. I hope we've learned a LESSON, not a method.

Name one of Trump's campaign promises he either broke or didn't overtly try to accomplish, but was blocked by others.

1 point

Hence, the crime bill wherein the sentences for crack and powdered cocaine have FINALLY merged. They realized their mistake, quietly, of course. Over the last 50 years, I wonder HOW many black families have been RUINED due to this clearly RACIST law.

That Trump ended and Democrats never did. Why do you think that is?

2 points

They probably were embarrassed that the last march was led by an antisemitic wackjob who thinks women would like to be covered up and beaten by their husbands if only they tried it.

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