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2 points

Since they have DnA, Simply put:


1 point

That is a stupid thing to say... all religions spawn radicals, just look at the planned parenthood shooting a few weeks back... he claimed he was "a warrior for the babies" whatever the fuck that means... don't be so biggeted. The real answer to this is if there were no magic man in the sky then we would be a much better society as a whole than we are today. Almost ever extreme act of violence today comes from not only MUSLIMS but RELIGOUS PEOPLE, and almost ALL secular crazies that commit attrocities don't do it because there is no god, they do it because they are evil- hence why it happens less frequently- at least to my knowledge. (so don't bring up stalin. Mao MAYBE bt not stalin.) and since there is according to some figures one shooting EVERYDAY in america and america is full of white people and since the most common religion of those white dudes killing eachother is, i think we can agree CHRISTIANITY- WHY THE FUCK ARE WE NOT FREAKING OUT OVER CHRISTIANS! oh yeah it doesn't sell in the media... pity.

have a more open mind

2 points

Before I take on any of your talking points I want to first point out that the side your own of this debate is the same side that decided the two options for the debate should be "open the gates to our foes". what do you think I am? some terrorist apologist? That on its own is proof enough that the whole intention of this "debate" is just to steam roll people who disagree with you.


I do not know what denomination you are or if you care to attribute yourself to one but i think we can both agree that numbers don't lie, let me put it to you this way. there are one billion (that's 1,000,000,000 OR one out of ever 7 people on this EARTH) are Muslim. IS is approximately (according to the REALLY high estimates) 200000 people weak. that mean there is 999800000 or (NINE HUNDRED AND NINETY NINE MILLION EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND) people who are Muslim that DO NOT feel the need to join IS. NOW i know your going to say "but just because they haven't joined IS doesn't mean they feel the same way" - okay i hear you, lets conk 30 million people off that number, that's around the ENTIRE POPULATION OF CANADA. You end up with 969800000 that is still NINE HUNDRED AND SIXTY NINE MILLION EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE. I mean for gods sake take a whole HUNDRED MILLION OFF FOR ALL I CARE....... you still end up with NINE OUT OF EVERY TEN PEOPLE AS MODERATES. DO NOT PAINT ALL THESE PEOPLE WITH SUCH A WIDE BRUSH FOR THE LOVE OF HUMANITY. If i had my way in government i wouldn't ship them to my country, I would invest billions into safe zones to hold the poor people suffering and going through hell because of the same people you think they are best friends with, but ill be DAMNED if i side with you guys on this one. I am MORE TH AND WILLING to go into the ethical conundrum you want to stir up by letting these helpless people suffer but i think for now at least i have made my point.


1: I'm Neither an Muslin christian or anything you can think of. I'm nothing but a human being lucky enough to be alive in one hell of a dirty and destructive and un-guided universe. - oh and i personally think that if there were NO religion the world would be one hell of a happier healthier and much more lovely place to live in, but the only way to get to that stage is through teaching not KILLING NOR ALLOWING PEOPLE TO SUFFER.

2:I am more than willing to bring it down a notch and be More civilized but i feel since you would like to shut the gates of sanctuary on the faces of those fleeing certain death my voice had to be raised at the very least slightly, kindly show more humanity and i will match you in my request.

3: i am more than open minded, but only to the following:

what is FACT

what is HUMANE

what is CIVIL

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this...


1 point

So if a woman is raped or cannot financially support a child in a country that is 16 TRILLION dollars in debt, not only should she be forced to carry a rapists baby to term but also bring life that carries very similar traits to the dirt bag who did it. Nobody is celebrating the termination of life, we are celebrating the new era where a woman can have the choice. and as for ate term abortion its a on the fence topic in terms of ethical positions, but normal abortion is not UNETHICAL.

3 points

What you are concerned about should be assimilation, not immigration. My grandparents are German and came to Canada in the 60's. My father would have lived in a destroyed country if it weren't for the helping hand of a nation across the ocean. Since borders are no more than lines in the sand nowadays cultures are more diverse than ever and there is no going back from that, even if you wanted to. The Muslims that are fleeing IS are doing exactly that; FLEEING. that being said would you ban the flow of Muslim immigrants such as women and children? children are easily influenced, if we get to them before the Radicals do we can save a generation. Think of it like gun control, you can never get rid of al the bad apples, but you can always protect a life.

To summarize,

Letting them in isn't the problem. it's just a matter of screening the bad apples OUT.

1 point

you need to educate yourself. look into quantum mechanics and you will see something coming from nothing is quite possible as "nothing" as you put it is unstable and photons come into existence sporadically. the real question should be why does this happen not if this is possible, that much we already know is true.

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