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RSS Hulkbusters

Reward Points:544
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Hulkbusters(544) Clarified
1 point

hey i was copying and pasting and i do believe in god

0 points

I hope they get confirmed. This will be further evidence against God. If the results get confirmed that so should prove the big bang theory to be correct we only will then will need to prove the cause such as quantum fluctuations. The other universes experiment were not confirmed in other tests so less pray it is with this one.

It's common knowledge that people, when provided with motivation or an incentive to do something, are more likely to do it. And this is especially true with money as an incentive. Daily, children and adults are dying because of lack of organs, and legalizing the sale of organs will put an end to this. By increasing the amount of organs in the market, more people whose lives are in danger will be able to live longer and happier.

God doesn't hate anyone if He sends them to hell. People refused to believe in Him and thus if on earth you don't follow Him that means you don't want to be with Him in eternity.


Hulkbusters(544) Clarified
1 point


Europa could have life there. Probably not anything intelligent as in not anything civilized. But possibly even something bigger than microorganisms. Maybe the Europan version on fish. I suppose it's somewhat possible, though not a great chance of it that there could be intelligent life, some kind of mermaid. That would be exciting.

Murder can be forgiven, though... According to traditional Christian teachings. Not believing in God can not. So, if someone you love does not believe something you say, would you torture them?

You avoided my question. Do you let the criminal go for what they did? yes you're forgiven but you still have to go through the consequences of your actions such as you still going to jail and you're only forgiven if don't continue the same sin.

Prisoners receive food and entertainment... They aren't cast into a lake of fire.

They used to make it so that they would force labor on them and that's how we got our highways in the past.

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