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RSS HyperComm5

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Trump and Republicans aka the real low information voters akin to Keneysian models (Triple down Economics) and the mess Obama inherited only want you to think in the SHORT TERM.

This plan adds money to the deficit and takes away vital tax-base through the corporations, which only increase the debt by 1.5 trillion dollars. The government is a better distributor of money then the tax-haven coporate shills.

You sacrifice the PRESENT to get to the future or you sacrifice the FUTURE for a lust-filled PRESENT.

We warned you in the easy-money, mortgage days before 2008

Don't even bother to write me back, but when the next financial crisis happens and medicare is still in a mess due the GOP's inadequacy to pass a decent health BILL judged by THEMSELVES as horrific.

Don't say I told you so.

"The Left lives off silencing any conservative opinions"

Its a territory reminiscent of a gang we liberals control California, enclaves in Louisiana, and most of New England.

You control the rest as you see fit.

Do we show up in Arkansas? Do we show up in The Bible Belt or religious institutions?

"Weakness is the quickest way to allow dictators to possess"

Newsflash you Orange Monkey Trump has allowed not only North Korea to have weapons grade fuel but under his nose allowed our newfound ally (after the anti-russian coup) Ukraine to sell them Rocket Engines. Remember? They couldn't even get a missle of the ground or past South Korea.

It was Obama that put Iran into a place right now...they have nothing resembling an ICBM no weapons grade uranium to speak of and can barely reach the Mediterranean Sea according to our most trustful CIA Agents.

Trump is nothing but a clone-copy of the Bush Administration rapped in White Nationalism and fake pro-poor, anti-PC, anti-establishment packaging. He's done nothing to drain the swamp and is surrounded by Neo-Liberal pan-partisan war-makers and the same corporations that dug us into this mess.

The idiot can't even properly get his head of the (obviously, I know your surprised about me right?) FAKE Deep State sponsored Russia investigation.

He is comprised and if he isn't, he eventually will be (like all presidents)

The Tax Cut is bate...oh and you do have an understanding its TEMPORARY.

It also enriches the wealthy non-corporate rich deep inside the fine lines.

You are being deceived

1 point

You are trolling me and most importantly hostile at God, even going so far as to suggest killing the messiah when god when knew prophets/messiah in the womb NOT REGULAR HUMANS.

I've asserted what I believed in the bible, and you think I'm in a cult? We all forced to rely heavily on personal morality at some point due to the complex natures and scripture definitions. It is the archaic brilliance of the bible as titled to one's own private nature of right and wrong.

Not only do you judge me but you suggest Mary kill him even in theoretical jive jest?

And you speak with such belonging of "flesh" even concocting whims and idea's on it.

Lastly you turn the tables and ACCUSE me?! This sounds like cult-behavior to me. Are you sure you're not a Scientologist? All this obsession with "flesh", "life" and probably life extension.

You want to get away from his holiness as far as possible don't you lad?

1 point

1) Prove to me its even in Sahih Al Bukhari to start with.

2) There are many copy-cat versions of his name. False scriptures promoted with heretic natures. It isn't certified by God (Bible, Tankh, Koran). So it can contain error AND falsities.

3) Translation errors are also taken into account. Every religion has them.

4) Added scripture speaks of it as something "normal" in the town/village at the time.

1 point

Iran is #1?

Its Saudi Arabia.

I don't see Shiite suicide bombers in Europe, Indonesia, Thailand, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen or any of the last 12 American Terrorists Attacks.

Its funny they have literally nothing to do with Iran.

Stop covering for your Chief Ally since the Nixon Era

1 point

Its easy to type that about other people's moms that or call people with Aids Toxic Infested Creature over the internet.

1 point

So you call mentally disable people? Retarded

So you call promiscuous women? Whores

So you call physical disabled people? Cripsters

So you call depressed people? Pretentious Lame Fcks

And you demean countries?

But conservatives see nothing wrong with any of these comments/statements

Cause Conservative = Piece of Sht

Cause Conservative = Only P.C and not care about other people's emotions and pride and heritage.

Know somthing? You're a lowlife, drunk Klansmen straight up out the Trailer Park.

You give us Liberal Whites a bad name.

1 point

Any mentally deformed person who equates an INFANT with an actual Person is blind.

Exodus 21:22 (I have more Mr. Bible guy)

Why would you write to me about killing children?

You sicko!

1 point

A young child is a human NOT a PERSON it is a FETUS which is a Woman's PROPERTY and is part of her, it can't breathe, think without HER. Its not separate.


I am sharing this debate with my fellow members of the New Saint Hellens Zion Church in Colorado.

UNREAL I'm not killing a person I'm killing FLESH.

You defend your filthy obsession with the "flesh"

I see you buddy! May Jesus have Mercy on Your Soul!!!

1 point

You use a front "caring about children" when all I want of them is to possibly return back to God where they are safe and away from this sinful world IF they will additionally suffer due to a egregious medical conditions.

You don't care about children, you just want their "flesh" to live.

Consumed with the "flesh" and "life".

You are consumed with materialism.

Your church is weak in the holy ghost AND Jesus!

You talk worst then the New-Agers.

I shall make a prayer for you though.

1 point

I'm lost? You are, as of are your type. "If you are not with Trump you are with the anti-white-christian globalists". Isn't that right delusional one?

That was a specific prophet(s) in the "knowing in the womb thingy". Two verses we are not prophets. Stop generalizing

Honestly bringing up a previous debate proves how desperate you are to debate me.

Where would the child be happier? With G_D or in this sin-filled world where he can inherit original sin. Surely as the bible said thou is happy to dash the baby's head against the rocks proves it *Actual verse"

You're like an obsessed fanboy, but the Devil Ain't Gonna get me today

Thank you Jesus!!!!

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