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RSS IHateObummer

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10 most recent arguments.

Religion aside, because I personally feel that two people who have never been with anyone else have a better chance of staying together. From personal reasons I wish I had waited. With that said it is a personal choice, some do to religion and people like me, because the factor of always thinking that he is comparing me to some one from the past and vise versa.. Sex alone causes so many doubts that I personally wish I had waited.. I did however take a guys virginity and after 18 years he still has not married and emails me every once in awhile. To guys a first can be there love and it can be just sex. With women it's "complicated" my first time was horrible.

Apparently I am slow! So slow I still do not see a response to what I ask.. I see you allot on here and your pretty dam rude. You have no respect for anyone. Must be a way to get people to pay attention to you. And that brings is back to spanking, did you get allot as a kid?? With your mouth and rudeness I could see why.. And if you didn't then You Should Have Been Beat with a belt!

A Loving home is a loving home.. Regardless of two moms or two dads.. Kids get screwed up from men and women who fight and divorce.. The ideal of a child becoming gay because of the situation around them, is BS. Study's are starting to finally show that we are born stright or gay. Straight parents have gay children every day.

Smoking. I'm 34 and I started smoking when I was 12. It will def kill me some day. Even if I quit the chances of me getting cancer are still pretty darn high!

I don't want to stop him, or change his mind. I support him, and the reason he is doing this. He is not over weight at all, he is very active in cross country. He burns allot of calories a day. And my fear is that he will pass out because he is not eating right. I want to provide the right stuff now, and if he chooses to never eat meat again, I will support that. We raise cattle so it is an on going joke at home because we are meat eaters lol. But 24 days is what he said he would do, but school just started and so did some of the sports my son is in.

But again I don't want to change his mind, I just want to provide the right foods so he will not pass out on his 4 and 5 mile runs in cross country. Thank you for the food advice, I always have fruit in the house.

LMFAO! Dam stright and now I am gonna sue for all my lost children😪 ! 😝

Darn you had me until you knocked me! Here is the deal, I'm poor, poor poor, I work. I also get my tax return for everything I payed in during the year. So I am one of those who pays no taxes. I'm am not a socialist libreal, I'm so tired of people thinking that all libreals are poor, or poor people are all libreals and want a free ride. Your judgmental argument holds no water except for the biased attitude you have towards the label we put on people. Making a judgement call like this would make this statement false. And about the number, I feel you pulled it out of your ass.

Children Always! Then women, then pets, then live stock... And last and always last Men! ;)

This is on my list with abortion, because there are two very equal valid sides to this debate. But I will say I agree only because I was raised around guns. I new what they did and how they did it. Times have changed though, and kids are so consumed with video games they often don't even go out side anymore. I can remember as young as 7 going target shooting, learning how to hold a gun the right way, not to point at anything I don't plan to shoot and kill. How to clean a gun, how to dislodge a bullet if need be. .

But then we are talking about kids "today" and we'll I just don't think that to many people in the city do allot of hunting and taking the time to show there kids what a gun can do and that we should respect them. It is not a toy. If all kids grew up like me, we would have a safe country.

What a good way to remember him! I was just shocked last night when I heard as we'll.

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Winning Position: 15 year old son is making a stand aginst eating meet?
Tied Positions: No vs. What the Heck? Yes
Winning Position: RIP Robin Williams. 😥 your already missed.
Tied Positions: White peeps can't do this? vs. Nothing wrong with it
Winning Position: Yes, no animal should suffer
Winning Position: Yes, spare the rod spoil....
Tied Positions: No, we don't need this law vs. Yes, parents are stupid
Winning Position: No, there are only half truths

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