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1 point

Agreed, but if it is a mental defect then they could probably get some help for that. Becoming a criminal is definitely not the only path for such a person, but our society can make a family or an individual seeking help seen as a thing to be embarrassed about.

1 point

Another stick? Anyway, I'll assume that I'm still a great swimmer, then I'll strike a deal with the conservative. I'll push the liberal off the scale to attract the rats while I swim to Russia and she shoots the other rats trying to attack me, and once I reach Russia I will find some help for her, maybe.

1 point

I'm pretty sure Napoleon didn't even agree with this. In the earlier years of his marriage to Josephine (I think was her name) he apparently lover her more than she loved him. Later, he took on some mistresses, but that also shows he didn't want them just for an heir even if that is what he wanted people to believe.

1 point

Marriage should be allowed regardless of the participants gender. The only things I can think of to disallow marriage are age and consent. Marriage is about the people getting married, strangers not approving in a marriage should not even be a factor to be considered. Also, a lot of people like to include religion in this argument. With so many different beliefs, I think it should be left out, but as a Christian, isn't it taught that God loves everyone? and that Jesus says not to judge? So, why shouldn't God approve, and who is one person to decide another person's orientation?

1 point

I would like it to become a more popular site, but I don't come here to socialize.

0 points

You have a good point with his stealing. It had to have been a larger job than just stealing a few crusts of bread, otherwise why would he get in actual trouble with the law?

1 point

It's more entertaining for me, and making fun of the outfits for the different species/creatures is just so fun! I'm talking actual Star Trek, not just the new movie. I suppose my opinion is influenced by that my family also likes Star Trek and I haven't seen all of Star Wars.

1 point

When it does happen to me it is some group passing by in a car. They continue driving and I ignore it, not much for me to do.

1 point

my pirate ship, crew, and another item


a teleportation device that could transport me across oceans and come with me when it did

1 point

You're gonna get one heck of a beating for this one, so save the kitten. Your father will be all upset with you. Cats either run out and hunt or sleep a lot, either would make you feel better with you new found hatred for rats or sleep next to you as comfort while your family is mad at you for creating a rat infestation and destroying the barn. Taking care of a dog is harder and they need more exercise.


-Witnessing the horrible actions of the rat has turned you against all animals so you run out of their and save no one but yourself.

-You have always wanted to pet a nice, large, fluffy rat, so you take the dead rat and run. Yay taxidermy!

So, why does the person always have a stick?

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