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RSS IchthysSaves

Reward Points:621
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10 most recent arguments.


But seriously...

Meh? Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. But I don't really feed yours that much.

I stopped trolling REALLY


1) The debate creator could be gone for a few days, thus severely delaying the appearance of arguments.

2) Debate creators could also abuse this privilege by denying comments they disagree with.

3) The credibility of an argument should never be arbitrary.

It should a tool for very active members of the site but it should not be a high priority.... The highest priorities are stopping the rampant trolling (which I have regrettably been apart of) and stop the advertisements of the website.

You do realize that you are just giving him troll food right?

He'll just make another one....


I don't think so. Censorship should always be a last resort. Besides, it's the Internet! There's absolutely no reason for that.

It has to be it is incredibly easy to troll on this site as it doesn't even require a valid email address.

Broke the rules numerous times

Nope I am leaving for good.


Displaying 10 most recent debates.

Winning Position: Nom Nom Nom
Winning Position: Yes
Winning Position: I've Changed My Mind I'm Staying
Winning Position: Bye Createdebate!
Winning Position: Certificate For Adwedw
Tied Positions: No vs. Yes
Winning Position: What is up with all these gay marriage debates?

About Me

"Started 10/12/2013 500 Point Milestone:11/7/2013"

Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other

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