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RSS Ignoramis

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I totally agree. Trump is clearly a very smart man.

No regular folk could have achieved as much as him.

1 point

Because everyone wants their view of the world validated.

No one likes uncertainty. I for one do not. I like to hear other perspectives in a non-aggressive manner.

1 point

I think God did what had to be done, in order to get humans to get along with each other. I've seen how idiotic people can be, they need a firm hand to get rid of those animalistic and immature tendencies.

Ignoramis(381) Clarified
1 point

They knew alcohol was bad, and tried to make it illegal. Yet, the criminal organisations rose up and used tricks to overwhelm the government. The fact that alcohol is now legal is actually a historical win of criminal gangs over law enforcement. So many people drank, that the cops and gov just gave up.

1 point

Many parents love their children more ... not all. I've seen the exceptions, and they aren't pretty. Many children hide it.

By providing preventive health care, there would be less incidents of sick people while they are young as well as when they are old. Furthermore, they will take less sick days (consequently, contributing to the economy, rather than taking away from it).

Consequently, I'd have to go with Patient A's situation. Why?

Patient A will have more working days that generate money.

Patient A will spread disease less, and consequently, as a population, less people will need treatment.

Patient A may need health care in their old age, however, old people are more likely to volunteer and contribute to the economy. Those that don't do not have to be covered. Retirement benefits for people that aren't working anymore cost companies more money than health care, and most other social services, yet no one speaks up.

Healthcare costs are paid upfront, if they are going towards people, and not into people's wallets. Overall, the benefits to the economy include:

1) Less incidents of outbreaks which are expensive to contain (look at Africa)

2) Early identification of outbreaks, since sick people will be going to the doctor

3) Earlier creation of cures, since new diseases can be identified earlier

4) A healthier more efficient workforce, for professions that do directly contribute to the GDP

5) Better trained workforce in the future, since children will take fewer sick days.

As I have said before, contraception and condoms should be freely available and not taboo. The taboo of contraceptive means by the Catholic church in South Africa, contributed to the high rate of HIV transmission there.

Ignoramis(381) Clarified
1 point

A person's situation that they are born into more often than not, defines their learning opportunities, skill sets, job and financial opportunities. While work ethic is part of the picture, it isn't all of it.

People still are judged for how they look and where they come from. This is a deal breaker socially as well as in the workplace.

I do believe that the irresponsible shouldn't be rewarded. However, since diseases spread, this is something that cannot be played around with. Of all professions, medicine requires the highest levels of integrity due to the danger that mishandling of situations can cause. Even if this means higher costs.

We are talking about healthcare, not the other things. I believe there are issues with divorce laws, child care laws, social service laws etc ...

Trump is interesting, I'm reading his book, and he doesn't seem to be like the person he is portraying on TV. However, if I look at his executives, I've noticed that they aren't very multicultural (as well as his social circle growing up).

Now here is the thing, I've met brilliant, and I mean brilliant leaders of all races and cultures. So I've been wondering why they don't seem to rise or cooperate well together. It seems only western leaders really innovate publicly.

Especially, since he basis his business out of New York, the lack of diversity in his higher echelon is odd.

Furthermore, Trump wouldn't drop the fact that Obama wasn't born in America previously ... wasn't that odd?

1 point

I'm talking about the lower class and lower middle class. Better, they find a work around, rather than anyone not having access.

The costs are due to medical and insurance company corruption. Many other countries, offer health care for a fraction of the cost in the US, with the same or better quality.

Ignoramis(381) Clarified
1 point

What Trump doesn't realize is that they check most immigrants coming into the states. However, those going into Mexico, are not screened.

1 point

I've never heard of a war that didn't put the country in debt. Have you? Since antiquity, its been known by royalty that war strains resources until the enemies resources are gained.

By free stuff, do you mean those investments in the future of the country (something conservatives do not do?)? For example, education, health care, sciences etc ...

The premium on health care is paid upfront due to all those untreated diseases floating around, and due to ... wait for it ... inflated medical salaries! The number 1 cost driver!

1 point

I do not believe religion is the source of evil. What I believe is happening is that more often than not, powerful and rich people, utilize religion to control "groupthink", and send people to wars, and killing others.

However, this doesn't mean that religion is good.

For example, many of the writings are based on the common biases of the writers of the times.

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