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RSS Iipek

Reward Points:7
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

They came first for the Communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew

You literally attack Jews every day, you are a Nazi, and you're not any good at debating, which is why the left got ass stomped in Britain.

1 point

I examine that you are still lying. Why do you lie so much? Are you evil, or do you just enjoy lies that make you feel jolly before you rot in hell for eternity in a year or two due to old age? timeCNNadmittedCollusionstorywasfakethatlibspretenddidnthappen

1 point

Now that ANTIFA has been labeled a terrorist group, I guess the British government should be warned about your posts. We know who you are.

3 points

Capitalism will destroy itself, halfwit. Are you literally so unfathomably stupid that you believe a system rooted in human exploitation will survive indefinitely?

Nothing survives indefinitely, including Communism. Eventually someone won't accept that working harder yields no more fruit. That's why the riots in China keep intensifying. What will you say when Communism collapses? Nothing. They will have killed you and put you in the gulags for typing the word "Nazi" and defending Islam too many times. Google has your internet history. Your social credit score will be too low to live.

2 points

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country

Your party is robbing each other, killing each other, killing black cops, , and destroying each others' businesses. Why shouldn't we just let the left fight it out with each other? If blacks and Democrat controlled police forces wanna kill each other, go for it.

2 points

I watched the video. It shows evidence that the left has been wrong more than Trump has been wrong, and the video is made by a liberal.

1 point

Biden has: Collusion gate; Trump Foundation gate; Stormy gate; Mattis gate; Inauguration gate; Trump University gate; Playmate gate; Cohen gate; Manaforte gate; Flynn gate; Khashoggi gate; Pruitt gate; Zinke gate; Trump Tower gate; Emolumants gate; $330,000,000 Golf gate, Helsinki gate, We fell in love gate; IG gate; Bannon gate; $2T for the top 1% gate; .... and the gates are open for more ... gates.

And yet Trump was elected with all of your claims on the table and all with a far lower approval rating than he has now and without the nation seeing the left's draconian response to Covid 19. Also without the new criminal charges by Ukraine against Joe Biden.

Iipek(7) Clarified
1 point

So the governments are corrupt, but they are the answer. Good job there Orwell.

1 point

He's ahead in all the polls you idiot.

Proving once again that you don't understand American politics. Hillary Clinton was up by 13% (much more than Biden), and lost. Would you care to explain to me why, or would you like a lesson in fake leftist polls, the electorial college, and how enthusiasm affects American elections? Or if you would just like a swift kick in the nuts in hopes that it makes you smarter, I'll gladly kick you in what is left of your manhood.

1 point

Oh, I see. So your fuhrer gets impeached for corruption, accused of child rape in federal court, and kills 90,000 Americans by not reacting to a pandemic quick enough, but you call Biden a "bad candidate"?

Biden has a 30% chance of winning according to Vegas. Probably because he's the perfect storm of a shit candidate. Can't string two words together, pictures and video of him sniffing children in a party that attacks men for having penises, the Ukraine felony charges, attacked a black man in a public lynching hearing named Clarence Thomas for less than he himself has provably done, Burisma, and an enthusiam gap disadvantage to Trump the size of the Grand Canyon.

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