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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Most cops are hired by Democrats in giant Democrat cities. Maybe the problem is the quotas Democrat politicians are putting on their Democrat cops. But I'm all for you guys trying a copless society. Last time you guys made it about a month before screaming bloody murder over skyrocketing crime and violence.

1 point

Who cares if you'll miss them. Don't tell me these government institutions like the FDA, OSHA etc are all necessary to keep society together, then pretend the cops don't fit that same logic because some individual did or didn't touch you. Not to mention that the left considers him touching you as a sexual orientation rather than a crime.

1 point

I love how it says "now that crime is sky rocketing, now is the time to support police." That means peoples' lives and property mean nothing to these psychos until they need votes.

1 point

Another video, huh? Ok.. Here's my debate with the video.. You're a lying piece of shit.. Subway is hiring millions of woke people.

And had to close thousands of stores in a year. You're going to destroy someone in a debate? That's a laugh. in-2020-2021-1?amp

1 point

I WOULD debate you, but you know I'd eviscerate you.

Not a lot of power in a man saying he's gonna destroy you when he retreats from most debates and can't even respond to even more debates than that.

0 points

If California fell into the ocean tomorrow, the rest of the country wouldn't shed a tear.

0 points

What big pharma and our politicians are doing couldn't be more obvious. Covid-19 draconian measures were the biggest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in modern human history.

1 point

That is some of the worst gas lighting I have ever seen. I hit you because I love you, and the more I hit you, the more I love you.

1 point

Is it practical to sack 40% of Seattle's Police Force due to them being unvaxxed

These same asshats said the vaccine was for your health and to releave healthcare workers and facilities. Then they began firing medical professionals. These toddler minded dipshits should be ignored at all costs.

1 point

Is Cancel Culture incompatible with The Party of Inclusivity?

It is, but they aren't the party of anything virtuous. They are virtue parasites who want credit regardless of whether they actually lift a finger to do anything about anything.

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