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RSS Iipek

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Is it practical to sack 40% of Seattle's Police Force due to them being unvaxxed

These same asshats said the vaccine was for your health and to releave healthcare workers and facilities. Then they began firing medical professionals. These toddler minded dipshits should be ignored at all costs.

1 point

Is Cancel Culture incompatible with The Party of Inclusivity?

It is, but they aren't the party of anything virtuous. They are virtue parasites who want credit regardless of whether they actually lift a finger to do anything about anything.

1 point

Asked if race relations in the U.S. are better, worse or about the same as in February 2017, about 7 percent of black respondents said better

About the same number of black slaves who had the nutsack to resist white Democrats the first time. It's interesting how they kept blacks from reading for a reason and are now blocking blacks from information via censorship because they don't want blacks reading, costing them their white, elitist thrones. I must admit that I do wonder how many times a day a white liberal who perceives themselves as a god opens up their coat for you to feed while commencing in some type of act that includes slirping and sucking sounds.

1 point

On July 4, 2020, when the orange fuck was president, 100's of people were murdered on that holiday too.. Did you blame Trump? Of course, you didn't.. That's cause you're a one way mother fucker.

So your response is to provide a link showing black people in liberal cities were killed in large numbers by each other while no right wingers were present.

1 point

On paper, that's true.. And, that's why I love this country. It ASPIRES for greatness.. But, in the REAL world, which you so vividly represent, we ain't there yet..

We aren't where yet and compared to what?

1 point

The Jew hating Nazi Fascist speaks. I'm surprised that you got your swastika Hitler underwear on this morning.

1 point

The Jew hating Nazi Fascist speaks. I had thought you dickheads spoke in Swastikas and hand signals.

1 point

They came first for the Communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew

You literally attack Jews every day, you are a Nazi, and you're not any good at debating, which is why the left got ass stomped in Britain.

1 point

I examine that you are still lying. Why do you lie so much? Are you evil, or do you just enjoy lies that make you feel jolly before you rot in hell for eternity in a year or two due to old age? timeCNNadmittedCollusionstorywasfakethatlibspretenddidnthappen

1 point

Now that ANTIFA has been labeled a terrorist group, I guess the British government should be warned about your posts. We know who you are.

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