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RSS Ilithis

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I'm confused here? i thought we were talking about Gods power?

Ilithis(2) Clarified
2 points

Hey NowASaint, i am a christian who likes to question a lot.

I'm new to this site but not that new to debating in general.

Your argument specifically suggesting God (Yahweh) is all powerful.

Perfectly poweful, omnipotent.

A question i've heard a couple of times now which originated from the ancient jews.

If God is Omnipotent (all powerful), Omnipresent (everywhere), Omniscient (all knowing) what is God not?

The answer... he is not limited.

To what extent does all powerful intend? To do all things? to be capable of all things?

If you can't be limited, like humans and other animals, are you truly all powerful?

This is the sort of question of, you can't make a square circle or you can't be all good and do anything bad.

If God is all powerful, did he himself create morals and ethics and the rules to condition the universe and the spiritual, or were they there originally without the act of God? If God did not act on this, is he all powerful? If he did act on this, is he the definition of objective?

If he is the definition of objective, does that change? The bible says God is the same yesterday today and tomorrow, yet his character has different and fluid like states.

If you are truly all powerful does that mean you are always at 100%? Does it mean you can pick and choose what you want to express?

These questions will help flush out the question a little more and lead to an interesting discussion!


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Name: Blake 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Libertarian
Country: Australia
Religion: Christian-other
Education: Some College

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