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RSS Illuminati33

Reward Points:68
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5 points

Maybe you're right...but that's like saying he's the shiniest turd in a compost heap.

2 points

Mathfan, you do realize this Steven Crowder guy is a partisan hack and pretty much everything he says is propaganda right? Crowder is an untrustworthy little parrot weasel who just repeats right wing talking points with no worldly knowledge to speak of. As for hate speech, if I were to say "I hate niggers" then by definition and by my own admission that would be hate speech. It would be speech which is motivated by and an expression of hate. It's really that simple to prove that "hate speech" exists. In my view, hate speech of that kind stems from ignorance. When people engage in legitimate hate speech, it's because they were conditioned to have illogical and sometimes dangerous attitudes towards certain groups. Hate speech should not be viewed as a legal issue unless it is threatening, instead it should be considered an educational/cultural issue and a symptom of ignorance.For the record, I don't think hate speech against certain things such as religions should be considered ignorant or unacceptable. attacking an ideology or belief system is okay, only things like racism and sexism should be considered "hate speech".

the oldest religion is when God spoke to Adam and Eve the first people on Earth. then came Patriachs then Judaism then Christianity.

Then how do you explain the countless other cultures which predate the genesis story by thousands of years which all have different beliefs?

also a religion's age =/= Truth. a false religion can be older than a true one.

If it's the truth then it's not a religion at all, it's just the truth. A religion is a belief system, objective reality is not. Objective reality is what it is regardless of anyone believing in it, but religions require belief and change according to what people believe. Therefor no religion is truth, and no truth is religious in nature.

2 points

You're a retarded banana. You're a tiny banana with the IQ of a goldfish with down syndrome. The other banana gold fish won't let you play any raindeer games because you molested your grandmas labradoodle.

You don't remember? That was your most insane bar ever. It makes Eminem look like a retarded cocker spaniel to be honest.

Illuminati33(68) Clarified
1 point


Thanks for a good chuckle. Your arrogance is amusing .

Shut up you uncultured swine to the rap game.

But everything is subjective so you calling me "uncultured swine" is meaningless. A four year old screaming and banging on pots and pans is better than that song because it's totally subjective and everything is whatever I say it is in my flat earth bubble.

xD You will learn to call me master in time.

You'll learn that you're a fucking dumb ass in time.

Say it enough times and it may become true.

I'm manifesting it via the law of attraction.

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