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2 points

Actually, I heard somewhere that humans are extremely healthy to eat. I don't know whether that's true or not, but...

I'll say yes, as long as the person said they were okay with it before they die. It may be a bit creepy, but we can get over that!

1 point

In my opinion, if you are male, you should not ever have to hit a girl. If you anger them, endure it and be mature, and if you are manly you can handle it. But if you are threatened by a female body-builder of some sort, I don't know if I would refer to it as a girl...

2 points

Actually, Alexander was a Macedonian, and so was his father. Macedon was the old nemesis of Greece, and Alex's father Philip's claim to fame was his conquest of Greece. Alexander took it from there.

1 point

If you make homosexual marriage legal, then what is marriage? If we don't have a clear, stable, and defined meaning than it means nothing. If a man can marry another man, then when we get used to that what will come next? A human marrying an animal? Then what? A human marrying computers, buildings, and rocks?

My most true motive for this view is what the Bible has to say about it, but I try not to debate based on Holy Books because I'm sure many of you don't trust a word it says!

1 point

Unlike tobacco and alcohol, marijuana is a gateway drug. Once you start on it, you want some more, until you grow tolerance and need something stronger. Then you move on to all the other drugs that turn people into zombies. And besides, once you legalize marijuana, what's next? Will they legalize all those other drugs that make people into mindless, drug-dependent loons?

0 points

I can't see anything wrong with school uniforms, and I'm a student! I believe that there is too much effort put into dress code and that it can all be solved with a school uniform. It also gets students used to wearing more formal attire. And besides, what is so great about we students expressing ourselves? Most people my age dress like hoods and prostitutes whenever they can, and defending that just makes me wonder...

Also, school uniforms would eliminate prejudice based on clothing, which sometimes is a very bad thing.

1 point

Well, duh, of course we all want peace most of the time. My point was that war is necessary for good peace to happen. Considering governments and human nature, consider the history of the world without ANY wars. Take the crusades, for example. Everyone agrees bad came from it, with the Christians and Muslims hating each other. But if they never happened, in the name of peace, the crusaders wouldn't have returned home with as many Arabic ideas and sciences. These ideas helped Europe advance from the Dark Ages sooner, leading to the modern enlightenment ideas you all love and cherish so much. If they never went to war, it may only have been a couple of centuries ago when the Europeans were starting to form countries.

1 point

Well, I didn't do a whole lot of research, but I was trying to make a point. The Romans also were more original, coming up with war formations and tactics that could beat the best at the time with the same kind of technology. They also shaped the Mediterranean world in their image with roads and architecture, allowing for other empires to rise in the future. The world was "smaller".

1 point

History has an answer. The Sumerians had religion, but no form of afterlife, one of the most important aspects of a religion. They feared death, and were sad and depressed because of how grim that is. However, the Egyptians began to envision a colorful afterlife, and they celebrated death. So they built great tombs and temples and decorated them colorfully. And they were generally happier people. So which were better off?

1 point

The USA has the potential to win against those clowns, but seeing how Americans put too much value on peace and getting along with Communists and stuff I think that we wouldn't fight a total war, while they would. I don't necessarily think America would utterly lose, but it would end in some sort of treaty with China on its good end. Still, I don't think that would ever happen considering the money we owe China...

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