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RSS Indianafrank

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You christians claim the bible is the WORD OF GOD not us and yet there are so many contradictions any idiot could find them. How do you rationally claim that the bible is the word of god.

The proper way to raise a child in religion is to do what I did. We went to the library and researched every religion. Her and I sat and talked about what each believed and didnt believe. Then I took her to those churches so she could see for herself how they worshiped and operated. She was then free to make up her own mind.

Explain this. And God said, Let US make man in OUR image.... Why is he talking in the plural ? Secondly, when Adam and Eve sinned in the garden and ate the forbidden fruit. Your supposed God drove them the garden and brought pain and suffering to them and every generation thereafter. So your God's idea of fairness is Your grand father sinned so everyone in your family must pay for the same sin forever. With that in mind, that means everyone is condemned to hell. There is no God.

The unborn are not yet people. When they are capable of living outside the womb then yes they are, however until then they are actually parasites.

Then explain how you can go to one of several observatories and see the stuff the astronauts left on the moon ?

Not true, They have said, they are protesting unfair sentences for crimes for some people and not all.

You folks miss the point. On campus they are speaking their minds, but in football they are on the payroll. How many jobs have you had the employer allowed you to protest on there time ?

Secondly, they are protesting the judicial system of america by protesting against veterans and the flag, none of which are responsible for the injustice. Why dont the cowards protest against State Legislatures and Congress who make the unjust laws ? The police enforce them and have no right to decide not to enforce a law they dont like. They dont because they are cowards who are afraid of the law makers.

You all miss the issue. ABORTION is a religious issue, not a political one. Roe vs Wade was scrutinized and reviewed by every court all the way to the supreme court and now suddenly, they think they have the right to reverse the law, even for the people who are not religious. That means they think they have the right to speak and act for God. If in fact your God even exists, then you are suppose to leave the punishing to him. That makes most Christians no more than NAZI's.

Affirmative action promotes hatred. You can not take rights away from someone and give them to someone else without that happening. Besides, what it says is, we are going to place the blame on today's young white men for things they had nothing to do with. That's like condemning a son for the crimes his father committed. And how does that square things with the young men who's ancestors fought to eliminate slavery ?

The Bible was right huh ? Well which one would that be since there are six different versions ?

Explain this quite from Genesis to me: And God said, Let US make them in OUR image... Why the plural ? Jesus hadn't been born and the holy ghost didn't exist either so who was US ?

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Winning Position: no, assume they know best

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