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RSS Inkwell

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1 point

it. just. does.

How does one respond to this? uhmm no. it. doesnt.

1 point

IN other words, you assumed he meant what you wanted him to mean?

NO, if you read my postings I referred to the attacks prior to 9/11 that are so often ignored. Two embassies, the Cole, the FIRST WTC attack. All acts of war AFTER the declaration of war by OBL.

And one thing I will be happy to teach you is that trying to win debate points by denying everything is a weak cover for being too lazy, intellectually dishonest or cowardly to actually disprove what I claim is a fact. You can go on the net and SEE him say it. If you think the translation is a lie or the video released to multiple outlets NOT under the thumb of the US is phony and that no one calls it out, you are just being intentionally obtuse.

Sorry. I really don't feel like dumbing it down to accommodate your lack of understanding.

1 point

Proof is subject to whether you accept it or not. But there is historical, unbiased evidence. See my post on Josephus.

Inkwell(328) Clarified
1 point

The first part, that Jesus lived has independent, reasonably unbiased confirmation in the writings of Josephus. He was a Jewish historian for Rome and briefly mentions the execution on the cross of Jesus by Pontius Pilate, the stoning of his brother James and imprisonment and execution of John the Baptist, His later writings of Jesus are more extensive and there are questions about how untainted by early Christian doctrine it is but even so he provides historical confirmation, considered generally credible by historians as to the existence of a man named Jesus and referred to as "the Christ" and that he was crucified on the orders of Pontius Pilate.

1 point

You cant disprove it any more than he can prove it. I don't really care about the proof. I know several things are facts.

1. More evil has been done in the name of Jesus Christ than in any other cause in history. From the crusades to the Dark Ages to the various land and money grabs masquerading as the inquisitions, blood libel and other outright scams to enrich the Church.

2. Threats of eternal damnation hanging over one's head negates the possibility of "free will". Free Will requires an absence of outside motivation, positive or negative. "Give me your money or I will kill you" is not free will.

3. Any god who is about amassing wealth, charges for using an intermediary to interact with him, is so vain and insecure as to demand worship under penalty of eternal damnation and so uncaring and merciless as to allow crack babies, war, starvation and pestilence despite his being all knowing and all powerful doesn't deserve my worship.

4. When even those who all agree on the nature of Jesus Christ cant interpret the bible the same, it is hardly clear and straight forward what the meaning of its word is or what its message is. This means NO ONE can use its word to prove anything because there is always someone just as devoted and just as holy who has a different take on it. The bible was written by those who had the earliest influence on what the words meant and they created what became the Catholic church and the papacy ALL BASED ON THE BIBLE. So why are they wrong and Martin Luther right? Or Reverend Wright preaching hate and racial division in the name of Jesus Christ? What is the source of your hubris in deciding that YOU are the arbiter of what the bible means when so many Christians all have their own interpretation? When you Christians cant agree whether stoning in the bible means we should support capital punishment or not, when you cant decide if the bible calling homosexuality an abomination means we should kill or regulate or shun them, when those who have all accepted Jesus in their life cant agree on the bible's message on slavery, war, abortion, artificial insemination, cloning, speaking in tongues, handling snakes, tithing, what to eat on Friday, or pretty much anything else . . . don't expect me to accept anything in the book that you guys cant agree on as "proof or evidence"

1 point

dint apologize! Your post didn't even hint at any implied benevolence on the part of the bear. The bear was attacked first by the bees who had already declared war on the bear. That is fact. If we also want the bees honey (and I dint know what the honey represents since AQ, Hezbollah and Hamas don't control oil, natural resources or riches), doesn't mean we weren't justified in responding with force to the bees' previous deadly provocation.

2 points

what a load. The bear analogy made no mention or inference of benevolence. You intentionally took it out of context and spun your own interpretation of what he said in order to make an opening for your anti US rant.

Inkwell(328) Clarified
2 points

Al Quaeda declared war on US in 1996. We ignored them. They bombed the USS Cole, two of our embassies in Africa and executed the first WTC bombing. Our response was to kill a night watchman in a bombing of a pill factory and to prevent our intelligence agencies from sharing information with each other. At some point, I am gonna buy a can of raid and soak that beehive with insecticide. And if we didn't say "No thank you" to Sudan when they offered us the queen bee (bin Laden) on a silver platter, it would have been more difficult to move the hive and rebuild the colony, since that queen bee was the source of all the honey (funding). And all of this, the attacks on US property and sovereignty as well as the lives of US servicemen abd citizens was before we even get to 9/11. IMO there is no question we should declare war on Al Quaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas and other terrorists who have either declared war or committed acts of war against us. How those wars should be conducted is open to discussion. Increasingly the use of drones and improved intelligence in the area is minimizing the need for tens of thousands of boots on the ground.

3 points

how does an ipod or ipad or iphone make a mac better? The question is not between the companies but two of their products.

3 points

1. white My laptop is painted in the same paint as my car. If you want a white PC, you can have one

2. different than the PC many apple users pay for an interface that mimics windows. different is not better.

3. beautiful (sleek) form over function and relative beauty is debatable

4. Performance ( for my needs) spending equal money results in better performance for the PC almost universally

5. very fast see above

6. etc.. presumably this includes more expensive and less backwards compatibility?

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