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RSS Iright

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I was trying to say that just because she is German that does not mean she is evil she just looks evil from the British perspective but in the German perspective she is a hero you see there is no bad guy here not even Ares. By the way do think she should be punished

1 point

Hey mint tea. Dr Maru is allowed to poison people nobody thinks it's not okay for the British poison specialist to poison people. Should die because your siding with them. If you were siding with the Germans things would be different.

1 point

💯 I'm a very good debater unlike most people I actually don't joke around

4 points

Why would it be bad if we are trying to find the truth we need conspiracy's even dumb ones not all "foolish" conspiracy's are false

1 point

Fidget spinners are a waste of time do you know what you could be doing. As ADD goes one word sports

Iright(22) Clarified
1 point

Hi Grenache I see you don't know much about Dr Isabel Maru (Dr Poison) do you want me to inform you more about her I have information I have read tons of articles tons and I know a lot of information about her. The brief articles you read are wrong is a popular opinion. And lastly you should read these

Supporting Evidence: Dr poison Origins (
1 point

You do realize that steve is the captain of the American army and he allows the American poison specialist to live. And continue making poisons nice try and secondly it okay to kill to live does make any sense whatsoever

1 point

She is not a murder first of all she is a killer there is a difference. Secondly she said "but the gas mask won't help. And she looked sad when the generals were dying. And plus you don't know that she sees them as less human she just trying to win a war. And by the way. Steve as 'murdered' Germans

1 point

Ok ok I made it short for a reason. She only kill not murder. She is allowed to kill in war.

1 point

No!!! Children should choose their own religion so if they choose the wrong one it's their fault no adult pressure

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"I'm considered very intelligent by most people I create slideshows and debate in real life"

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Libertarian
Country: United States
Religion: Protestant

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