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2 points

Your post makes no sense, you should specify more. Guilty of what?

2 points

Raped women can go down to the hospital within a day or two and prevent conception. If she has not been educated to this simple answer to a rape, then what does that say about pro abortion activists trying to use rape as their poster child excuse to keeping all abortions legal?

I cannot imagine in what situation they are, but I think most of raped people cannot think properly. Maybe they are in shock. Maybe they are afraid, or ashamed. Who knows. Lots of cases go unreported, I don't see not going to the hospital as a shocking thing, considering that.

So in the end, just as you say that some use the argument of rape for wanting abortion legal, you use the 'late-term' abortion argument for not wanting it. I don't see a difference.

I won't argue about abortion itself, because I already did my research over the years. Plus, your arguments would be related to religion, and that is a dead end, which is uninteresting and repetitive. I do, as anyone, have moral related opinions. I don't think children should be born unwanted, because that just brings pain for everyone, especially them. But that, again, is only an opinion, and should not be applied to the law.

Iulmi(252) Clarified
1 point

Alright, I get you are against abortion in those cases. Are you against it when it's earlier?

2 points

They are not excuses, those are the facts. When you make your arguments based on the 1.3% of cases, that's where I think you're not being reasonable. If you want to argue against abortion, don't use the 'late term' argument.

Iulmi(252) Clarified
1 point

You can skip the first chunk of writing and go to the rest. It is a doctor talking about abortions, and what they do when it's reaching 9 months.

We used to have a million abortions per year. Lately it has been arond 800 or 900 thousand. It matters not because we are talking thousands of viable lives being killed for merely being special needs children.

Those numbers are high. A thousand or two less, since the last data is from 2013, and it was around 660,000 abortions. And it's likely that these numbers have been going down, like in the previous years before 2013.

And bear in mind that people supporting abortion don't want them to happen just because. They want them to be available if needed. More information could be given when people discover their child has anomalies, and more help should be available to those parents. But banning abortion would not solve the things you're talking about.

1 point

It causes you to defend communism.

OMG, that is so funny. Thanks for opening my eyes, I'll now join the nearest communist political party. Bye, bye, see you in the new URSS.

Iulmi(252) Clarified
1 point

Slow down. Don't spam the thread, please. I said I will answer.

1 point

You used the 'difficulty' argument. Which is not quite the same as what you've just said, even if you think it is. As I already said, You can have a tough job and still get paid shit.

So, 'men' don't have more difficult jobs per se, but work in different fields.

So, answering your question, Do you think that people in different fields should be paid different amounts?

Yes, I don't think a society would work if it was any different.

Iulmi(252) Clarified
1 point

Why am I now the bad guy? It's not my fault. (didn't I hear that before?)

I just wanted to show you're hypocritical... and that I could not answer a question I did not understand. But since you're really interested in my answer, okay, I'll answer.

1 point

You figured it out though you massive hypocrite.

Of course! I succeed in understanding, interpreting, or identifying (something).

And that's the definition of DECIPHER :)

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