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RSS Izzieism

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3 points

Cause that TOTALLY means something. WHY would an ex-employee ever lie?

Like asking "Why would Ford lie? What did she have to gain?"

2 points

Well first when I spend time going to the protests I always find those on the left as the most racist. Kind hearted or not, they make the most assumptions on account of my brown skin and last name. Second since he announced his running not one person that has made that claim has been able to provide one piece of evidence instead they rely on "dog whistles" and "investigations". They sound like conspiratorial wing nuts one trigger away from pulling out tin foil hats.

Not you of course just people iin general.

Nay i have looked and asked for evidence and all i get are feelings and daydreams. If you have evidence that doesnt rely on mental gymnastics please tell.

1 point

First: THAT debate is so removed, you must have a personal bone to pick with it.

Second: Why do you think i would defend a power hungry moron like Obama?

Third: This whole gender debate is silly in general, there are only two sexes and therefore two genders, any other number is an anomaly and ridiculous.

Fourth: the only reason this is a debate is because of public schools and heavy government involvement in education.

1 point

Morality IS a law of nature, it is something created naturally by humans. We have seen echoes of it in our ancestors, even our four legged ones. It, like anything else life based, has arisen from evolution and is an obvious evolutionary advantage.

1 point

Dude, woah, whats going on? Where did that come from? What did i miss?

1 point

Maybe read the whole post. I know reading is hard bob, but maybe just maybe we can bring your Reading Comp. up a point by practicing. As Tyrion says, "A mind needs a book, like a sword needs a whetstone." or something along those lines, I'm not going to look it up.

Now i need you to breath, take a nice big long breath. Count to 10. You good? K Lets continue.

"How about the fact that every single culture which has ever existed on planet earth has had a completely different interpretation and definition of morality?"

Yeah because people are individuals with individual ideas, interpretations, feelings, wants and needs. Do you think life as robots all programmed by DNA to come up with the same solution to similar problems? No! We all try different things, we see how that works and we adjust. What has brought humanity to the top of the food chain is our adaptability. Our ability to come up with multiple solutions to a single problem. Of course this leads to multiple manifestations.

"If you could save your DNA from extinction by raping and executing everybody at your local college frat party, you are telling us that would be a moral decision?"

Well first show me how that would lead to the survival of the single DNA? How would many individuals committing that crime and allowing for it ever lead to survival of the individual or the group? I can count reasons it wouldn't.

If survival of dna hasnt got anything to do with morality, then why does every civilization naturally create one. Also i never said morality is objective, i would say that my arguement was completely the opposite. It is subjective to the biological structure taking action.

P.S. I think its called Laughing Buddha?

Izzieism(19) Clarified
2 points





1 point

OOOF, there's a lot of religious indoctrination to unpack there gruffalo.

First off, Morality is NOT a social construct, i don't understand where you would get that from, but holy shit son, Morality is way older than even man.

Real morality is base off of two things and two things only and even that could be summed down into one phrase. Those two things are:

The survival of the individual DNA and the survival of the group (which is an extension of the first programmed into us due to our social nature as animals) generally based on phenotypes, but can be extended with humans to include other ways of being tribalistic like religion and who you like to screw.

As for why homosexuality would naturally grow to be considered immoral is obvious. It does nothing for either of those two. It does nothing to expand the bloodline, either for the group or for the individual.

Why is it not okay to masturbate? Well first its wasted seed, second like drugs it can become addictive and provides a false reward in the brain which makes men less ambitious, third it tends to weaken pair bonding, and therefore marriages, and therefore strong families and stable homes.

The reason why different cultures express that differently is the same reason why you and i react differently to the same stimuli. WE just like THEM have different experiences, different perceptions of the world, different environments. In essence because we are individuals and that my friend manifests in as many ways as there are grains of sand upon the beach.

As Karl Marx liked to say "Nothing human is surprising"

1 point


Morality is first and foremost. There is no reason without a morality for truth. Logic and reason themselves spring from morality.

What reason is there for me not to diddle your butt hole? If i wanted to do it, what would stop me if not the morality of others. if not the way it makes others feel.

Reason means nothing. We can all reason and rationalize anything and everything.

-2 points

Winning Position: Capitalism, Socialism, or somewhere in the middle?

About Me

"I am a Socialist, I am a capitalist, I am a nationalist, i am a globalist. I am an Izzieist"

Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Postal Code: 95355
Religion: Atheist
Education: Some College

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