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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Your code name for your ex is "mosquito"?

1 point

The argument is not that the world is ending.... It's that in 12 years 50% of CO2 emissions must be cut in order to prevent the worst effects of climate change

Her argument was the world is ending in 12 years.

3 points

Trump is NUTS! You KNOW that, right?

No more nuts than when you loved him before his Presidency.

Ocasio Cortez, Maxine Waters, and Nancy Pelosi are nuts to the 100th power. You keep praising and defending them.

Trump just keeps booming that economy baby!

2 points

I'd fire them for their hundreds of proven, intentional false flags, and clean house.

1 point

Chickens, monkeys, and fields of cow crap are better people than liberal atheists.

1 point

Ahahahahaha! How is one supposed to "deal" with a corrupt anti-American traitor who shut down the entire government because of his own personal temper tantrum?

The way Obama was delt with when he did it multiple times.

Welcome to politics. This must be your first political debate.

1 point

Nahh. Constitutionally, he needs an invite to come into her chamber, and she ain’t inviting.

Good. She has the intellect of a chicken.

1 point

It's all over liberal Hollywood, which is why men are weak idiots and women are powerful and smart on all of your liberal tv shows.

Your tv stars used to be John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Steven Seagal, Etc.

Now they are Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard.

1 point

In other words you claiming right wingers are the Nazis is a lie because you plan on using their tactics on people you know are sane and normal, and you plan on doing it without fear because Nazis have nothing to fear from the new version of Germany's Jews.

You also dodged that Cortez is a brainless dumbass.

1 point

There are ships, subs, planes and "mules" and "coyotes"

Name one third world migrant who owns a sub to enter the country.

They wouldn't risk being blasted by the US Navy for being in US water space with a militaristic vessel.

who would laugh at a $60B wall!

Trump is asking for $5 billion.

SO STUPID! Put ICE to work on THEM, with the tools they NEED, not on women and children.

Women are equal to men. Your inconsistent positions on gender identities isn't an answer, and children aren't pawns. It's sick that you think they are.

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Winning Position: Yes
Tied Positions: Race hustlers vs. Pimps of poverty

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