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A lot of people don’t know about me, my story. It is difficult for me to tell at times, I’m ready to tell you mine.

July 25th, 2002 was the date. I was just turning eight it was my birthday; I had a party at my grandmother’s house. My Mother became very sick, Problem: She was pregnant and she would go into labor anytime soon. That night there was a lot commotion and my Dad had to drive my Mom to the hospital, about ten minutes later he came back to pick us up. Us being: me, my brother Jesse and my little sister Jalyn. He dropped us off at his brother’s house, Uncle Junior. We stayed there for the rest of the night. That mourning when I woke up there was a knock at the door; it was our Father coming to pick us up. We woke up my siblings and got them dressed. I In the car as we were pulling out of the apartment complex, Dad said he needed to stop by the house, check on it, get the mail and leave. So we did, and Dad went in to do his business. He came back out looking at the mail, got back into the car and we drove to the hospital. We got to Bronson, at the time Bronson was fairly new and it was our first time in there. It was amazing. We entered the hospital and took the elevator up to the third floor. We walked into the room, my Mom was lying in the bed, sleeping. I looked around for my new sibling but I didn’t see the baby. Dad took us into the hall and told us that Mom is really sick and she needed to get the baby out of her, fast. So she didn’t affect the baby, they had to cut it out. I started screaming because someone cut the baby out of my mother, for those of you who don’t understand. They CUT the baby out of MY mother! I was angry, upset, and confused.

My mother finally woke up sometime later; she was feeling a little bit better. She was still pale, though. They brought my little sister in to the room. We stayed at the hospital for a while, talking. Happy everyone was alive and well, and the most important part was we were together. My dad’s phone started ringing and he went into the hall to answer it. Jesse and I were coloring, Jalyn was sleeping. Dad came back into the room with tears in his eyes. Immediately Mom started asking if our family was okay, did any one die. Dad just shook his head and took Mom’s hand and said “Val, the house caught on fire and it is severely damaged. We have no money to build it up.” They cried and cried together. Being their kids and the adults are crying we started to cry. We cried together as a family, even Javonna was crying. But I think she was crying for a different reason. The nurse came in and seen this, I think she heard Javonna crying. We didn’t realize it but my Mom’s breathe was catching in her throat. They gave my Mom some Volume, and we left.

We stayed at my uncle’s till my Mom and Javonna was well enough to come out of the hospital. When they did, we stayed at a hotel for a few weeks, Us kids thought it was fun. But for the adults it was stressful. We moved into a duplex home after a while, our neighbors argued every night, though. We moved into a townhouse after a huge fight. By then my Great-Grandmother Bessie was living with us. After living there till I was 9, not a whole lot of time passed but it felt like forever. I was in the middle of fourth grade when I moved to The Meadows and came to Gull Lake.

Now my parents are divorced and life is really difficult. I miss living in A house, I want to so bad. I long for a house as a teen would long for a I-pod or a car or something that you need to upgrade every now and then. One day, though, I’m going to live in a house.

Like I said some of you don’t know me. You see me everyday, you see me laugh and smile, but you don’t see me stressed or not me. I’m a completely different person than when I’m at school then at home. And you don’t see it.

It is funny, that is all i can say! I don't know what I'd do if that passed me! I honestly don't!

I talked to my friend who has carpaltunnel, you can from the suger of the doughnuts. The suger flows through your veins and the first spot they hit is your toes and fingers. In order to get there they have to pass through your wrist and by eating too many doughnuts the suger can over flow and sort of go into your wrists. When it does this and you use your wrist soon after like to type, hammer or etc. etc. then yes, surely but slowely.

OK, I don't have, basically, any weird habits but a few is like:

I have to put deoderant on before I put my shirt on.

When I tie my shoes, I have to tie the right one first then the left. And I always do it differntly for each shoe, like for the right one I tie over and for the left one I tie under.

And then, last but not least, in school when I'm sitting at a desk. I MUST have these items and in order: My water bottle in the top-left corner of my desk, my books stacked neatly from biggest to smallest, my pencil on the left side of the books, and my pen on the right side. This are my weird habits, that are not so weird!

My biggest fear is being found out, I know this sounds really weird and not a fear. But I tend to lie alot and it comes as a habit now. I want to stop, it is so hard. I've have lied on more accounts then you have taken a step in walking. I feel like sometimes my life is a lie, at those times I fear I might be found out. In other words, caught in a lie. Lieing comes naturally for me, I guess you can also say I fear the truth. It is alot easier to say 'I didn't break the vase, Mom! It was the dog...' Then to face the consequences. I am trying to fix this because it is a VERY bad habit that needs to be kicked as soon as possible!

0 points

I think not, if an obese person has to pay for two seats then they just feel more self-conscience about about there wait. I should know I weigh alot and I'm always thinking what other ppl think of me. We obese people should either get the second seat free or half off.

I'm not afraid of dying of Natural Causes but I am afraid of getting murdered and how much it'll hurt and all that. I know I'm most likely going to Heaven but there is a chance I will go to Hell! So I am not concerning over the after death, which is why most ppl are afraid. I just don't want it to hurt!

To be honest, I don't know what to say, um type. Wow, iamdavidh, that was very moving! Wow, wow! That was very powerful and interesting! You are dead right! WOW!!

2 points

No, 1) Why would they get an abortion, if they took dontated sperm to get pregnant! Like Freinchichick said, it'll be a waste of money on both terms! 2) Why should you or me care on this matter? I know I've said this before, but it is none of our business! If I choose to fall in love with a chick later on in life, then it'll be my business and my "chick-friend"?

Landslide Debate?...Explain Please!?! I am now suppose to have a minimum of fifty words so ignore the rest, it's nonesense: lkjdfklj kdjfkosdjflkj lkjdflkjasdfkljsdfklj dsfjklasdf dsfjskldjfskdfhddf sdjfjhdf jsdfh jo dofhi jfklj dfhls sdfjo ihfj kf

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