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1 point

'DNA proves programming....God is the programmer.'

How does DNA prove programming? Why do you believe that?

1 point

'DNA proves programming....God is the programmer.'

How does DNA prove programming? Why do you believe that?

1 point

The term, 'political correctness' used to mean something different from what it means now. At one time, it was meant to be a way of ensuring that public figures in big business or politics were seen and heard to be 'walking the walk' or 'talking the talk' in line with the policies of their organisations or political parties.

These days it is completely different. We must stamp out this 'politically correct' malarkey because there is a generation of people who actually believe that it is a real thing that you must adhere to. They have been brainwashed from birth and have been conned into accepting an antisocial concept that can be mischevious at very least or entirely evil when coupled with intent.

Political correctness is a way for those bereft of wit and intelligence to prevent us from saying what we want to say and in the way we want to say it. It is a cold, calculated, and perfidious attempt to disrupt normality. The idiots who support it would have us believe that it is a just cause too, but it is not. Only the warped, deluded and malicious machinations of the criminally insane could possibly adhere to such a doctrine in all seriousness.

It is a total corruption of logic, morality and reason designed to have your thoughts remain trapped inside your head and have you unable to express them as opinion, belief or truth. It offers no latitude to eloquence, creativity or imagination; it seeks only to confound, stifle and confuse, which is amusing when you consider, as I do, that it usually comes from the minds of the mentally bewildered.

However, the practice of this dark art does reveal, of its exponents, certain psychopathic tendencies, which hopefully will be offered up to public ridicule because they must truly believe themselves to be better and above everyone else.

My suggestion, for dealing with political correctness, is to shove it firmly right up the very arse of its originator as soon as it appears, and if they are 'offended' by that they can simply 'fuck right off'.

1 point

You are presuming too much here. I am not judgemental or bigotted at all. I will put forward my findings as they appear to me. I may completely disagree with you or I may be of a similar belief in some areas, and I will fight for your right to believe anything you want to.

I am very open-minded and I tolerate many things, and when I want complete and honest answers from people I push hard enough to elicit their responses in full. We gain more from answers that are given with enthusiasm and emotion attached rather than dull, flat, unimaginative replies. That would be boring and we would not stretch each other very far.

I would like to discuss this subject further and I welcome any contribution you have to offer if it is given freely and in earnest, but you also have the right to be the lofty and condescending one too. The choice is yours. One way opens it all up and makes available all avenues. The other closes it down and brings communication to an end.

2 points

I believe that organised religion is faulted right from the start. Apart from the fact that those involved are supporting nothing more than fairy tales at best, they create a community based on rank and position within that community. The practitioners in these orders are promoted and their status becomes more and more important to them. They all spend far too much time trying to outdo each other to gain favour with the leaders. It quickly and not surprisingly becomes a full-blown cult.

If you are going to take part in one of these ridiculous faith-based religions why not try to find one where the significance of rank does not matter. There must be a few still around like that somewhere.

1 point

You say,'I am not here trying to judge any woman who has had an abortion.', but that is exactly what you have done from the very start. You have accused those who have been defiled by rapists and implied that they have no right to rid themselves of the unwanted abominations that have been left inside them. (You would feel no different if you were in the same condition)

Pro-choice people may not always agree on when a termination should be carried out or fully concur about cut off points and time frames, but they will always come together over the whole issue of choice.

Did the victim of the rape have a choice at the time it was committed?

It seems to me that the only one you want to have a choice here is the rapist. Lives are destroyed every day because of murder, suicide, wars and terrorism, euthanasia, neglect of all sorts, poverty and hunger. Do you, I wonder, bother to raise an eyebrow for those lives or do you spend your days banging only this drum?

1 point

Only a Fool say God does not exist What nonsense is this and who are you to decide who is a fool?

Even Science say God Exist Science, to my knowledge, has never claimed that any god exists.

Everything is So structure What structure are you looking at? There is no obvious structure to any of it as far as I can see.

Just because you've given an answer, it doesn't mean a thing. Especially when it is pure unadulterated nonsense of the highest order.

1 point

Jesus of Nazareth is a fictional character, and no more than that can be proved at all.

1 point

And you offer no explanation at all either way. How clever that is.

1 point

Most people want the proof, but there is none. No-one has ever provided any and you can not do that either.

Winning Position: What is the point of religion?

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