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RSS JackAce

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I don't know about Revelation, but the virus is gonna kill a couple million Americans.. Does that qualify?

If Revelation keeps happening, you gonna get saved?

2 points

Obama escaped from the Russians in Berlin, and did the Michael Jackson skin color change surgery, then lived to be 120 years old, and became the 44th US President. The Kenyan father was a cover.

1 point

What do border agents think about the immigration battle

1 point

Lol. Claiming you went to a basketball game and -- instead of watching basketball -- spent the entirety of your time there conducting a full census on the ethnicities of attendants

It was hard to miss. They were all around me, served me, and were playing the game where I could see them.

1 point

I'm unaware of the motive behind the bronto craze, but if it gives you comfort, I can find a regional therapist for you. Do you care to get that help? What state do you live in?

1 point

I am pretty sure you are a Russian bot, so you must go away, or I will report you.

1 point

Here is video created by an anti Trumper to claim Nixon and Trump are just alike. Nixon was President in 1969, which is pretty much 50 years ago.

0 points

Uhhh, no they didn't.

They did.

I met Tio in 1958.. Link me to THAT time, and I'll agree with you..

You said they'd been welcomed for the last 50 years. The video is a demonstration that Trump's position was the Democrat Party position 26 years ago.

Here is Jimmy Carter taking a Trumpian position in 1979, which is 40 years ago.

1 point

If they could walk to the US from Honduras, seems like they could walk to Seattle..

If you had walked thousands of miles and arrived in America, would you walk to Seattle?

0 points

What is bronto dude? I googled it and it said thunder. You are making up words. Get out of here you freaking troll.

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