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RSS JackAce

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

English is a simple language

It's not though. You just made that up.

1 point

Nahhh, it doesn't - cause you don't understand English..

I thought Democrats liked people who don't speak English. No?

1 point

they oughta tell Putin to STOP destroying them in Ukraine.

What exactly do you imagine will happen if McConnel tells Putin, stop it Putin? In real life, putin probably ignores him, or he gets word of it and laughs because the Democrats are in charge, and he knows they won't do crap. Maybe the head of the military should do something. Oh wait, he can't even ride a bike, get through a sentence off prompter, or not sniff children. Guess we'll have to wait until someone else is elected.

1 point

if buildings are so important to them

They aren't. I ctually encourage the left to destroy their own cities and their own property. What's it to me?

1 point

The right wing constantly diss's the black community for destroying their own buildings.

We don't care if they destroy their own buildings. We will point and laugh at the absurdity of it though. That'll show the right. No it won't. It's THEIR shit.

2 points

that means you support putting women in a lunatic asylum for having an abortion

We could just put them in jail for murder instead. Sounds like a light sentence for murder to me. I'm pretty sure the going rate for a planned murder is at least a couple decades. The looney bin is actually a pretty cheap price. You're not pro murder are you?

1 point

It took you two looks at this debate to figure out this was about high gas prices. Jesus fucking Christ.

1 point

If it's true that the left is celebrating it, show us the celebration and tell us how great it is right here. Otherwise, the premise of the debate must be true, and you proved it, making you an ass hat who looks bewildered by basic logic once again. Not that I'm surprised. I've seen you stumped and retreat from debates much simpler than this one.

1 point

Statistics don't have a perspective. People do.

Probably why Conservayives tend to want to see the video of what happened rather than get a fake interpretation of what happened from a group of rich people claiming to be journalists from the ivory tower.

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