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JackGAllen(9) Clarified
1 point

My argument is based of the views of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei hardliner.

1 point

He's basically famous, we need to celebrate and even worship this person for their contributions to this website and society!!

1 point

I believe that we continue to tolerate intolerance, more people will be hurt. If it is in your religion to kill your sister if she sleeps with a man out of wedlock, we absolutely will not allow you to do such a thing. We have to keep a sort of moral standpoint when it comes to our country or even our world. I do believe, however, that this standpoint should apply to everyone and every religion, not just those whose ideas are thought of as radical.

0 points

While the Israeli wall was very effective in practice, it was actually labeled as illegal by the International Court of Law and the United Nations because it cut people off from resources and I feel the same will happen with this wall.

2 points

I agree with SirDrPrf. The "fence" that we have currently only stops about 40-50% of the immigrants coming into the country. While this might seem like a high number, there are still tons of immigrants that make it over, about half a million each year (check link.) However, I believe the wall in Israel did not really serve its true purpose. The wall has proved to be a wonder, but was eventually labeled as illegal by the International Court of Justice, so I do not believe it was the best example to use.

1 point

This is a very valid claim. Border patrol does only catch about 40-50% of the immigrants crossing the border. The only answer I can find is that Trump will reinforce the sections of walls already built and then create new sections to fill the gaps. However, I do understand that people are not always the most reliable, and not all of the immigrants will be caught

2 points

The tax on Mexico could support some of the payment for the wall, and the wall would keep some immigrants out. According to the Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR), the approximate cost of immigrants coming illegally over the border is $113 billion. A lot of this money comes from educating children of illegal immigrants, which costs about $52 billion. Also, these immigrants are taking our jobs, being paid under the table by employers for a considerable amount less than minimum wage. This leads to Americans not having jobs and still having to pay taxes with money they don't have or being left on the streets, while immigrants are not having to pay taxes and still getting paid. The wall will keep them out of our great country and give jobs back to our own people.

2 points

Sure, but what about all the jobs lost to the other countries? We do some things better than other countries, but other countries do things better than us, leading to a loss of jobs for those particular occupations.

3 points

The TPP would be a hindrance to US economy, especially in its current state. If we continue to pursue the TPP and free trade with other countries, what will become of the jobs we need in our own country? If we get most of our automobiles from Japan, what will happen to the automobile makers and factory workers in the US? Outsourcing our jobs is what is killing our country today. When workers complain about not being able to afford simple things with their current pay, companies can simply build a factory elsewhere and pay those workers even less than American workers. Also, the TPP would introduce our farmers to lots and lots of competition. We would basically be throwing our own farmers out into the cold, which would be another form of outsourcing the jobs.

Plus, look at the TTIP and see how it worker out for the European Union. If the world crises continue to continue the way they are going, the world won't be able to sustain any trade agreements.

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