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RSS JackassTruth

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10 most recent arguments.

Thanks for this post. A fantastic point i never thought about.

How dare you go against the opinion of an ignorant, unproven theory.

CoolDude ban this man - he is speaking with facts and logical sense!

3 points

Feminists purpose: Women = Men

Feminists extremists: Women > Men

2 points

To an extent, and it only works if it's lawful.

Once the government starts abusing their rights (like the USA have done way too much recently) secrecy quickly becomes hated by the general public. Then comes anarchy, unfortunately.

So the more wealth you have the more misery? Wouldn't you want to support the happiness view then?

How about we keep CreateDebate to strictly evidence focused arguments.

Then all religious views will be gone because guess what - YOU STILL GOT NO EVIDENCE

We went in before and fucked them up hard.

Now they are paying the consequences. I say NO because I think we've already done enough damage but at the same time I think we ought to fix what we messed up.

I personally have recently found that my level of wealth is not correlated with my level of happiness.

2 points

MuckaMcCaw just answered this perfectly, and you banned him for his proper answer. Because you ban people who spread heresy, you are forever going to be stuck with your ignorant, bias opinion.

The fact some people think others shouldn't use contraceptives based on THEIR belief is absolutely ridiculous. Why do you want a bunch of kids that people don't want? The world is already over-populated.

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Winning Position: No
Winning Position: $100 million
Winning Position: Yes it was a good suspension
Winning Position: No
Winning Position: Yes, it's wrong

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