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RSS Jagaloon

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1 point

The Washington Post, a left wing outlet, said two security experts used cryptographic signatures from Google and other technology companies to validate nearly 22,000 emails from 2009 to 2019, including messages related to Hunter Biden’s controversial overseas business dealings.

1 point

You do, but you're too politically ideologically driven to look up that Biden made millions off of his buddies in Moscow. The Russians are making a killing off of gas prices, so why would they pull out, and why would Biden stop them? They're both making money hand over fist at your family's expense. billionaire-report/amp/

1 point

Mutually Assured Destruction WORKS.. So WHY are we caving in to it?

You voted for the shit, so eat it.

2 points

There are no trillionaires in America to answer the first part. The second part is the part you always avoid and never respond to. They'll move, relocate businesses, and offshore funds. Here's where you ignore that part and falsely accuse us of loving the rich while you force their vaccines on us while they make billions and despite everyone getting sick anyway.

1 point

It's quite bizarre that you have absolutely no interest in a 20% drop in testosterone or why the US was funding questionable research in a Wuhan lab. No wonder you follow these people. You're dumber than a cross eyed, 3 legged deer in an ass kicking contest.

1 point

The poor in the US today have HD TVs, cell phones and central heat and air. The poor in the past cut their own wood and had to kill their own food. Other than the homeless living on the streets of leftist cities, the poor are doing better. Were you talking just about those that the Democrats left on the streets to die?

2 points

Why do the Democrats always have to be the grown up??

Democrats are never the grown up. The Dems literally left Afghanistan militarily before they got their citizens out. They also spent 4 years telling us their feelings were hurt. Grown up and dumb and weak maybe.

2 points

national holiday celebrating the day black people were INFORMED that they were free??

Bro. Hate to tell you the obvious bad news. A party that lets men win womens' sports doesn't give a flying rats ass about protecting you or anyone else. They care about keeping you under control and maintaining the ability to do so. Plus it would be racist to celebrate one race and exclude all of the others, so you really have no logic to your point.

1 point

Why do you always try to associate yourself with every oppressed group in existence

Hello hater:

Why??? Cause I'm a lib, and that's what LIB'S do..

What libs do is pretend to be oppressed by the very system libs control?

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