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RSS Jagaloon

Reward Points:42
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Why do you always try to associate yourself with every oppressed group in existence

Hello hater:

Why??? Cause I'm a lib, and that's what LIB'S do..

What libs do is pretend to be oppressed by the very system libs control?

1 point

Through asset forfeiture, and the drug war, the cops STEAL our money and MURDER our people.. I could do a better job of dispensing justice my own damn self.

Yet these systems are almost fully run by Democrats.

1 point

We have a saying back home. Big mouth, small brain.

You are on here all day. That's a very large mouth you have. You carry on like a gossipy woman.

Jagaloon(42) Clarified
0 points

why don't all of the rich blacks clean up the problem

To clarify, you are asking why rich blacks don't clean up the problem of your idiotic racism?

I don't run liberal cities or black businesses. Epic fail bro.

You didn't answer the question by the way. You probably aren't capable, so it's cool. I accept your handicap.

1 point

Actually, you tell lies and then link drop articles which contradict your own lies

They are left wing headlines, you have proven none of them wrong, and you look like a freak at the circus because you aren't even up on page one of this story. You aren't even worthy of amateur status concerning Michael Flynn's case. You're just not very bright. In fact you may be a sub-species.

0 points

Every word which comes out of your mouth is a fucking lie.

Actually it's a group of words put together by left wing media outlets. You also left out that the DOJ dropped the case because there is no case.

0 points

Because Flynn's son is also a criminal and your links make that VERY clear.

All of the links come to his defense, so you're like 0 for 20 now.

0 points

Ahahahahahaha! Why would anybody accept a plea deal for something they aren't guilty of you absurdly stupid dickhead

I provided you a link with that exact answer. Why would you humiliate yourself in a case where it's clear you don't even know the basics? Retardation possibly? Maybe you're just really this stupid. I suggest stupidity after watching your Ramshutu video that was definitely a video of someone with the intelligence of a dead rat.

Literal headline-

Our Plea Bargaining System can make the Innocent admit Guilt. Enter Michael Flynn

-Washington Post our-plea-bargain-system-can-make-the-innocent-admit-guilt-enter-michael-flynn/2020/05/19/27eb0fc6-99e1-11ea-ac72-3841fcc9b35f story.html

0 points

He admitted his guilt in court you utterly ridiculously retarded fool.

In a plea deal in which they said they'd go after his son if he didn't comply (a fact that they tried to hide until the newDOJ got the documents under FOIA), and all this after he spent millions defending himself until he was out of money, forcing him to sell his home. The left in every other case except for this one, is the side usually pointing out this obvious flaw in the system.

It also turns out that his law firm is where Eric Holder works, and that it intentionally withheld information from his new legal team which is a felony.

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