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RSS JakeLad

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10 most recent arguments.
0 points

Eurocuck moment. If you didn't want all the ignorant Ameicans from the South coming to your country and giving you second hand embarrassment you shouldn't have sent your racist cousin-fuckers out here to steal land and import slaves. You can recite any dead poet or reference any dead artist you want, you have absolutely dick to show for today. Take your Dr Who, gay Harry Potter and overplayed Beatles songs and blow it out your ass. You can go on about Orange Man and MacDonalds all you want. It was people from your continent hopping on YouTube to defend trump for owning the libs and floating Godemporor trump ballons. Not to mention, there isn't a single nation on your continent that doesn't have a McDonalds. Go eat sheep's cock.

0 points

That was guilt money paid over not getting involved in the war earlier

Inadvertently admitting that your continent cannot defend itself from a bunch of meatheads without us.

Sure thing which is why yanks relied on Euros to supply them with slaves

The scramble for Africa happened after the Civil War. Are you retarded or just historically inept?

“Cousin fucking” this from a rube from the south where interbreeding is seen as a norm

Here in the Pacific States, we resent the south because it got all it's culture, namely cousin-fucking, extreme racism, and uncultured taste in entertainment from you euro fucks. It's whole lineage is derived from European Aristocrats, slaveowners and settlers. Your disgusting culture has manifested itself as the tumor that is the South. Clearly I was wrong about free higher education if you are all this stupid.

1 point

Ha you’re hilarious the US rebuilt Europe

Yes. It was called the Marshall Plan.

Vietnam kicked your burger chomping army of fatties back to your slave loving racist shit hole of a gun crazy country

Euros had their asses ravaged by men with bows and spears multiple times in Africa. Namely Ethiopia. But go on about how your culture of cousin-fucking aristocrats is superior to that of the American South.

0 points

You're seriously the kind of pompous chauvinistic euro who thinks every state is exactly like Texas. Your culture is needing the US and the Soviets to rebuild your shithole continent out of the ashes of WW2 because you're all to racist and stupid to do it youself.

1 point

But you denied this yesterday like the dumb American fuck you are you lied when you said the main reason was for hunting

0.005% is much much more narrow than 1/7th. That statement, which is the statement I made earlier is true. Are you incapable of doing basic math?

American “culture” 🤣🤣🤣 yeah sure, Big Macs, obesity and action movies .......” culture “

You are an ignorant parody of yourself. I don't know what kind of slav, kraut, froggy, mick, pretzel-maker, wop, or racist country you come from but it changes nothing. You're a fucking euro.

2 points

Jesus this is the stupidest thing I've heard so far. If people want to use it for self defense then there's no problem, especially since they NEED them if they live in an agricultural community. Regardless you're asking that 72 million Americans shed their rights to own a gun because a maximum of 0.005% (roughly 20,000) have used them and it costed a human life. I clearly need no education from an ignorant limey Eurocuck who has no understanding of my history, culture, or country. Have fun in your padded cell of an island lobsterback.

1 point

Nice going implying that all guns do is kill people and that there's no other application of guns. No hunting, no sports, nothing.

0 points

Guns are much more widely used for hunting and sport in the US. You argue that gun accidents, suicide, and homicides are a reason to ban guns would be banned when a maximum of .002% of all gun ownership causes gun violence and .005count for gun deaths. It seems like overkill to just outright ban them.

1 point

You just contradicted yourself. Do you seriously think people will just willy-nilly go to jail and have their guns confiscated? Is that not "trying to disarm" them? It is incredible how you can call me an idiot and then directly contradict yourself in the same breath.

0 points

Ah, the Eurocentrist circlejerk has arrived. I don't expect either of you to understand why trying to disarm 72 million Americans could cause an incredible amount of instability at best and an all-out civil war at worst. especially when gun crime is marginal compared to the sheer number of gun owners. You literally are asking for something that is not feasible in the current cultural climate. Whether it would solve any problems or not seems to be the least of your concerns. See what happens when you try to disarm places like Oregon or Texas, it won't go over well.

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