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RSS Jakeisabeast

Reward Points:15
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Either one I'm Beast at i can no scope quick scope on both games all night longg and my Kill streak on world at war is now 60. black ops i only have a 55 killstreak but i go them both from sniping ( Springfield and l96A1) Sooo yeah,.. Also on modern warfare it's ok but they took away the fun with all the overpowered weapons

-2 points
-1 points

Skittles Are So Much Better Than Reeses I Can easily say that...

Steak n Shake all the way man It's super awesomeee And tastes super good nd theyes not nts in ur food non like pizza hut

0 points

Skittles are Awesome And taste soo good They're super juicy and Have so much more Flavor Than Nerds Like skittles have strawberry and orange and raspberry and nerds have all one flavor in a pack

Yes dodge ball should be allowed in school but it isn't and in order to persuade the school or school district to allow dodge ball will be very hard and i don't tink you would be able to pull that off Sir.

It's a horrible idea why should kids be able to text during anytime at school? It's a time to sit and eat and communicate with your friend not to text people and annoy them and gossip about people I Totally disagree with this nonsense for people to text in school DO NOT DO IT!

2 points

believe in god you should be quiet You dumb jews and nerd athiust

2 points

Dude Your just agreeing with nerd because you are a nerd and don't want to get beat up by anyone so you back down on the internet and go around supporting people that don't want bullies and its not that i'm a bully it's that this post was just completly stupid just because you all yourself a nerd doesn't meen anything so be quiet and just stop posting

Waffles Are yummy And they are just soo good and make you want more and more and more

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Winning Position: No Homework
Winning Position: Call of duty black ops

About Me

I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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