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RSS Jamais

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1 point

Joe, will you please remove me from your list. I receive you in my inbox. You are quite possibly the most repulsive human being I have ever encountered. That is not meant as some kind of controversial complement. Although I'm sure you'll portray it as such.

You are perfectly suited to your party and the circus it has become.

You took the enjoyment I used to find here. I'm sure many others have left for similar reasons.

3 points

I support the view: who cares. Joe, I figured you'd have moved on to higher things by now. How very conservative of you.

1 point

I must say that I am rather sick of my fellow Catholics at the moment. But I also must say that there is a right wing within the church.

I asked my priest why the abortion litmus? He told me this - Imagine we were allowed to terminate a child up to a year of age. Nearly all people would be firmly against this inhumane practice. There comes a smart candidate running for office that is probably best for most needs of the country. But, he is for allowing the termination of one year olds. In this case, this candidate would not be elected, as the majority see the horror of this practice. We Catholics feel the same way about the unborn.

I see his point. I can also see many other points too and so I do as the Pope suggests and work passionately for the common good.

1 point

Yes sounds fun. We can all get over the awkwardness with a few glasses of bubbly. Right?

We set all the tables together so there's no groups. We have the whole weekend so there is plenty of time. No name tags at first. Sounds great...

Hey we all get to go home, without each other. What does not kill us makes us stronger.

Metal detectors a must.

3 points


I just want more Dunder Mifflin.

2 points

Thank you (curtsy)

No offense. Just worried about you silly guys! But if it's not permanent, no worries.


2 points

"Everyone in this debate has lost their sanity."

Yes that happened in the pregnant Sims debate. Is it permanent?

2 points

Thanks for the feedback Joe. And for the up votes!

1 point

Cow's milk is made for baby cows, not humans in the first place. Kinda like feeding dog food to your cat.

2 points

Well anime, your view is a very practical one. The biological function of sex is to reproduce. Just as the function of the breast is as a mammary gland.

I think that we have lost touch of human design in this modern society. Fevers are designed to burn out pathogens. When teeth come in, it's time to start eating solids. Sex is the means of reproducing.

I think that a lot of things go awry the further away from natural they get - sex is no exception.

When sex is viewed as recreation rather than what it intended for, than we as a society end up with problems. Unwanted pregnancies and a need for abortion, only one of many of those problems.

Sex is fun & natural. I personally do not use sex to simply reproduce. I am however aware of it's design and realize that when it is treated as a toy, immoral results are more likely to occur. But changing that, is changing the view of a society.

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About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Jamaise W.
Gender: Female
Age: 48
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Postal Code: 46952
Religion: Catholic

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