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1 point

I'm not sure what you're so pissed off about.. Should Nike keep people on the payroll just to be nice to them? NOO.. Should Nike donate their money to whom they choose? YESS..

You are defending a company that uses child slave labor. Nice.

1 point

I'm not sure what you're so pissed off about.. Should Nike keep people on the payroll just to be nice to them? NOO.. Should Nike donate their money to whom they choose? YESS..

You are defending a company that uses child slave labor. Nice.

0 points

The dems don't have to WIN in November, cause right wingers are killing themselves off..

Name 20 right wingers you know have died from the Coronavirus.

0 points

Joseph Goebells, Minister of Nazism-

Communism. Jewry. I am a German Communist.

Peter Longerich, Goebbels: A Biography, New York, NY, Random House (2015) p. 26, “Erinnerungsblätter,” 27, Part 1, Volume 1, page 27, (diary entry: 1924)

The social is a stopgap. Socialism is the ideology of the future.

Open Letter to Ernst Graf zu Reventlow in the Völkische Freiheit, 1925, as quoted in Goebbels: A Biography, Peter Longerich, Random House, 2015, p. 55

Lenin was the greatest man, second only to Hitler, and the difference between communism and the Hitler faith is very slight.

The New York Times, “HITLERITE RIOT IN BERLIN: Beer Glasses Fly When Speaker Compares Hitler and Lenin,” (Nov. 28, 1925) p. 4.

1 point

But, Stalin wanted to crush all left-wing parties who were not the Communist party; this led to a civil war amongst the Republican movement in Spain. Orwell got caught up in this and it made him really disgusted with Stalin and the Communist party.

“the Communists stood not upon the extreme Left, but upon the extreme right. In reality this should come as no surprise, because of the tactics of the Communist parties elsewhere.”

-George Orwell, Homage to Catalonia

1 point

It wasn't long ago that the right wing was pulling its hair out over the "New Black Panthers"..

The Black Panthers had a moral system they worked under. Today's media and ANTIFA do not.

This FEAR campaign is reminiscent of those good 'ol days.

You can point out that the left has become psychopathic whether fear is involved or not. The Black Panthers didn't torch cities, murder a bunch of people, and burn churches.

IF ANTIFA is sooooo bad, you'd think you could identify their leader... K... I'm waiting..

You can be evil and do evil things without a figurehead. Plus their leaders hide their identities just like other gang and mob leaders intentionally.

Here's some facts: ANTIFA ideology is based around a hate for fascism and a belief that people who are thought to be fascists are inherently violent.

Yet we see no right wingers present. We just see ANTIFA burning down cities that are mostly left wing.

Antifa believes violence is a useful tactic to combat violence from the alt-right.

There are no right wingers present. There's ANTIFA burning down black neighborhoods, churches and businesses. Right wingers are watching these maniacs from afar on tv.

The idea is that if more people had brawled in the streets with actual Nazis then Hitler and the Nazi party would have never risen to power. That, of course, is why I LIKE them so much.

They ARE the Nazis. Fascism was created by a Communist. No one denies this. And they are doing nothing differently than the Nazis. Burning churches, attacking civilians, censoring all opposition, and demonizing a group who isn't fighting them.

An overt ANTIFA member on this very site calls people he dislikes "Jewish pricks" and denies your Jewishness to your face. Looks like you've chosen to bend the knee to the swastika.

1 point

Nahhh.. The police unions control it all, and they're pretty right wing.

I thought you said the left created unions and not the right.

1 point

The electoral state by state map of 1976 proves you not only wrong, but dead wrong.

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