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RSS JamesBallew

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Hey, motherfucking liar.. I OPENLY asked you a question.. When the fuck did I use the word INCAPABLE??

You didn't use that word. You described them as incapable.

1 point

So, you ADMIT you're a motherfucking liar? After NINE times saying I said something else, you FINALLY admit you're a motherfucking liar

Control your emotions. You sound like a psychopath.

1 point

The only good Nazi is a dead Nazi

Cuomo said Covid was caused by the Jews, so where you at Excon? Nowhere. Not a fucking peep.

1 point

Clashes continued for about an hour before federal officers retreated. Fires were lit at the Federal Courthouse and County Courthouse later on, drawing Portland Fire and Rescue to the scene and sparking additional responses from federal police.

1 point

Protesters reportedly equipped with hammers, crowbars and other pry tools, donned in helmets and gas masks began kicking and pounding on plywood covering the exterior of the federal courthouse. Police say the group breached the west side doors of the Federal Courthouse shortly after 11 p.m.

1 point

Gires were lit around the area as demonstrators continued to spray paint graffiti onto city, state and federal property, according to police.

Police say protesters gathered fences and road barricades and began approaching the federal courthouse, using pieces of the fence as a shield.

1 point

Just before 1:30 a.m., protesters reportedly set a fire outside one of the exits of the federal courthouse. A large portion of plywood was torn from the building as well.

Police say a fire hydrant was opened by protesters around 1 a.m.

1 point

Around 1:30 a.m.multiple fires were set in the area — including one outside an exit door of the federal courthouse. At 1:45 a.m., federal officers once again rushed against protesters, deploying clouds of tear gas and other munitions in an effort to disperse the crowd. Meanwhile, another fire was lit at Lownsdale Square Park.

1 point

Night 54: Feds fire tear gas as protesters breach federal courthouse:

Protesters reportedly equipped with hammers and crowbars, donned in helmets and gas masks had begun kicking and pounding on plywood covering the exterior of the Portland Police Bureau Central Precinct and the federal courthouse.

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