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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

I'm not bronto

Why do you lie so much, Bronto? Serious question. Were you fondled as a child or something?

1 point

I see you are now editing your own posts too because you are too stupid to get them right the first time. Let's have a look at these "simple questions".

You still cannot give an example of a Socialist state or indeed a Socialist, why’s that ?

That's a false claim on both counts, so ignored.

Funny Marx who invested in the stock market was a ‘real’ Socialist his buddy Engels the millionaire who mixed with lords and ladies and paid his staff minimun wage was a ‘real Socialist’ ....Hitler who overthrew the capitalist classes and sized power as Marx recommended was not a Socialist .......interesting .....

This is not a question, so ignored.

1 point

Your total collapse was anticipated

Did the voices tell you that?

I asked you two simple questions

Ask me anything you like, but if your questions are loaded or fallacious in any way I'm going to ignore them.

1 point

Ahhh right Hitler did as Marx proposed

You evidently suffer from mental health issues, Dermot.

JamesDD(10) Clarified
3 points

I KNOW what is happening in MY country, FASCISM! Ever since MY White House has been occupied by the NEW FURHER!

Damn straight. It genuinely could not be any more apparent. Not even if it were wearing a pro-fascism t-shirt. It is trying to re-brand itself of course, but anybody who was around the first time (or has simply read about it) can see what it is.

2 points

You truly need to get something through your head. You cannot win if you are factually incorrect.

You refuse to ever scrutinise the claims of Adolf Hitler (the most notorious liar in 20th century political history) because you love and cherish him as your fuhrer and believe he would never lie to you. Is that not true?

1 point


Five times. You've used Adolf Hitler as a source five times in the last thirty minutes.

In an argument about which guy prefers Hitler.

Priceless. Just priceless.

1 point

It’s actually called boxing

No, it's called football. It must be because JamesDD said so in a speech dated July 2020. How stupid are you exactly?

1 point


Hitler again? Interesting. Explain more to us about the intellectual credibility of Hitler. You've quoted him four times in the last thirty minutes and seem to be extremely familiar with the things he said. I personally do not know what Hitler said because alas, I am not a Nazi and have learned enough about Hitler to know he was a pathological liar.

1 point

Yes I know you’re a Nazi

So you didn't deny being a paedophile. Instead you tried to change the subject. Hmmm...

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