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10 most recent arguments.
JamesDD Clarified
1 point

American cops are leaving for obvious reasons. Why are Bobbies quitting?

The article literally says why you stupid bastard.

2 points

You know Jody, this is really why I love this site so much. It's one of the few places you can go in life where you can have your morality criticised by a nonce.

2 points

You really need to work on that as it only turned to “ parody” when you were called on your racism

That's very interesting Jody, but as I seem to recall, you only left this site after you were called out on being a convicted paedophile. Am I lying about that? I don't think I am, am I?

1 point

I see you’re claiming to be black now?

Ah, dear Jody. Thank you for coming back to remind us all that you are literally too thick to understand parody even when it is spelled out for you to follow on the page. You and Dana both seem to be oblivious to parodies, only she admits she's mentally disabled. Do you admit that too? Or are you denying it?

3 points

When insecure, hateful people are losing an argument without fail they resort to personal attacks.

Hi FoamWithin. Could you maybe tell us why you are using alts to reply to your own attacks against the left?

Were you able to discern the OP argument or point?

When you say "argument or point" are you talking about the page worth of lies and personal attacks above us? The one which begins:-

The reason that so many on the Left are anti Christian Bigots, hating Trump, hating Conservatives, etc., is very easy to see.

You are one SERIOUSLY insane motherfucker, pal. You use this site exclusively to slander the left and when anybody on the left (or even the right for that matter) disagrees or argues with your abuse you ban them. Then claim victimhood.

Look, do the world a big favour and jump off something tall please. You are a dangerously mad, abusive prick who hides behind Jesus. A true scumbag of the highest order.

3 points

I was rapped twice

Oh were you? Funny, because you've never mentioned that before. You said you were raped, never mentioned it was twice, then admitted you are a virgin in a later debate.

The problem is Dana that you cannot distinguish fantasy from reality, and you are a danger to everybody you come into contact with.

2 points

He did not disprove anything. He posted a link. I posted a link refuting it.

No you didn't you insane twat. You claimed proteins can't evolve naturally. He disproved you with a scientific research paper and you linked a creationist blog which was making an entirely different argument!!!! You are seriously mentally unwell and you need to shut the fuck up. You have been disproved MULTIPLE times in this debate, by MULTIPLE different people, and you have thus far banned EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has debunked you:-

This new study from our laboratory provides the very first evidence that a protein evolved recently from scratch

You mad little moron.

2 points

There is no evidence that these are new, spontaneous created enzymes.

OK, I see now that you are clearly unwell, simply from the fact that you have banned every single person in this debate who has argued with you. Literally open a book you retarded cunt. Educate yourself:-

This new study from our laboratory provides the very first evidence that a protein evolved recently from scratch

You are mentally unwell and I suggest you shut up and seek the help that you need. You are wrong; everything you have written in this debate is wrong; numerous people have illustrated it, and the fact that you are still here arguing implies that you are mad.

2 points

I'm not bronto

Why do you lie so much, Bronto? Serious question. Were you fondled as a child or something?

1 point

I see you are now editing your own posts too because you are too stupid to get them right the first time. Let's have a look at these "simple questions".

You still cannot give an example of a Socialist state or indeed a Socialist, why’s that ?

That's a false claim on both counts, so ignored.

Funny Marx who invested in the stock market was a ‘real’ Socialist his buddy Engels the millionaire who mixed with lords and ladies and paid his staff minimun wage was a ‘real Socialist’ ....Hitler who overthrew the capitalist classes and sized power as Marx recommended was not a Socialist .......interesting .....

This is not a question, so ignored.

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