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RSS JammyDodger

Reward Points:28
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I searched and I searched

LOL! You sad little moron. You "searched and searched" on the basis of what is self-evidently a parody topic?

Ahahaha. Did someone give you a frontal lobotomy during those 3 years you claim you were missing?

1 point

I am starting to see a lack of quality in these debates. I have been gone for three years, and now that I am back

Nobody gives a shit about your life story you pretentious idiot. Here, let me help you move along.

1 point

You should know better than to take any of his debate topics at face value.

Banned for ignoring the wall of far right propaganda littering the board and attacking the parody of the far right propaganda littering the board.

As has been pointed out already, you are an astonishing hypocrite.

1 point

I just recently switched to a vape. I still smoke joints though. Can't see myself ever quitting that.

2 points

has no benefit whatsoever

How about making life more enjoyable for poor people?

2 points

This isn't news. It relates to comments made in 2017 which were rehashed more recently.

0 points

Yes, we are all perfectly aware that you detest blacks you fucking pathetic Nazi imbecile. It certainly explains why you are trying to pretend Africans began enslaving themselves before the west created the high demand for slave labour. Your game of opposites is so fucking boring. In this instance you are trying to put effect before cause (i.e. the cart before the horse).

1 point

the reason the loony leftists never believe President Trump

This is the reason you empty-headed troglodyte.

President Trump made 8,158 false or misleading claims in his first two years

0 points

The Republican Party could embrace Gay marriage, and it could also embrace Bigamy, Bestiality, Necrophilia, Pedophilia with consenting children, etc. etc., even Sasquatch!

Yes, because clearly gay marriage is on a moral par with necrophilia.

Shut your stupid mouth you daft bigoted idiot. It's like somebody plucked your stupid ass right out of the seventh century.

JammyDodger(28) Clarified
1 point

Some people on the left lie. Everybody on the right lies.

I fixed that for you buddy.

Being a liar is inherent to being on the right wing. Mainly because people on the right are motivated by populism rather than proof.

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