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RSS JaquelinArev

Reward Points:41
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Omg. Tickle tortures are the worst, sometimees i cant even handle it , so i just try all i can to get the person off of me, so i guess it would work

2 points

well i guess good music has to be relaxing and has to have a positive message, I really hate those songs that make you feel depressed and that talk about drugs and sex and just all this lame stuff. I personally enjoy uplifting songs of hope and of perseverance that let you know that life might be hard but that there is still hope. Thats why i only listen to worship songs and christian music, because it talks about hope , love and life and about regaining strenght, and personally i break down whenever im having a bad day, i feel like i regain strenght and the longing to keep going

2 points

No there is no need for that, Jesus was the ultimmate sacrifice, but if i had to die for my beliefs or for a friend or even an enemy then i would

Definitely, Sadly so many people are afraid of offending others and havent been preeaching the truth, theyve been sofetening the word of God, but i do feel the world needs to know the truth and what Gods will is

I personally believe he is, i mean out of all religions, jesus is the only one who laid down his life in pulbic for his people, so our sins could be washed away, God is so reeal, its just that most people just arent sure anymore because they havent opened up to him, They havent expirienced an encouter with him, Theyve heard of God, but trully just dont know him and havent taken the time to really let God prove himself true in their lives.

I personally dont believe in the big bang theory. This world is a work of art and wasnt made by accident. There had to be a creeator, a purpose for life and personally the planets are aligned perfectly and well we humans are made so uniquely. I definately would have to go with God on this one.

No!!! The pope is just another man. People see him as an idol or maybe even a god, Only God can help America get back on its feet.I dont understand why so many people depend more on man than on a living God.The pope has so much money yet doesnt help a fly. GOD said "YOU SHALL NOT HAVE OTHER IDOLS BEFORE ME. God is a jealous God, we need to go back to our first love and quit depending on others to help america. The pope has no power, not even Jesus was recognized wordlwide being the son of God, why would we bow down and waste our tears on a man just because he calls himself the pope. God is the almighty God and he needs no help. He uses the poor, the unknown and the despised to change the world, to let people know about his love. He doesnt need the rich who blaspheme his name and think they have all they need , yet dont have God.

3 points

First id like to make it clear, that God is as real as you and me.

and why would you wanna criticize God, his will is perfect and what he wants goes. We ourselves are to blame for what happens on this world, because we are cold hearted and God has constantly warned us that bad things would come if we kept on sinning, all that is happpening on this earth is a product of our selfishness and pride, because we think that we are to good for God and that we dont need his help

Yes i do believe in Jesus, hee lives in my heart and has also washed away my sins to give me and you a way to heaven

Skittles, because there are so many kinds, to choose from, from tropical to original to sour to crazy cores, i personally like all of them

About Me

I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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