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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

You are at the top of the intersectionality pyramid, which means you shut up and listen to the minorities and mixed race people on here. Shut up now, and get on your knees where you belong whitey.

1 point

Seeing they are supposedly objective journalists, why don't we see these opinion pieces say something other than Trump is bad

1 point

Do you find it twisted that journalists of any kind start dialogue as though they are your mother?

-1 points

The rest of us learned, a LOONG time ago, that racism is wrong

But somehow the left is incapable of calling out its own notorious racism.

#JewishPrivilege trends on Twitter as activist fights back against antisemites

"Hen Mazzig calls on his followers to share their experiences of antisemitism in response to an antisemitic trend accusing Jews of being privileged"

1 point

In the REAL world, ANTIFA are Americans who you simply don't like.

What level of ignorance is needed to get one to rejoice over a group that says liberals get the bullet first?

1 point

He was at 34% with gallup the day he won

I've debunked this same lie TWICE. And you're STILL telling it!!!! He won on the 8th and your link CLEARLY says he was at 34 percent between the 1st and the 6th, and 42 percent between the 9th and the 13th. Nothing about the 8th. You're literally a fucking liar.

You just proved me right. Try to keep up here for me. 42% was after he won. 34% was just before he won. Let the information actually soak into what is left of the meat between your ears.

And I quote:

"42% now view Trump favorably, up from 34 percent before election"

1 point

your own fascist bullshit

When a wing that burns down its own cities making "demands" without any righties present, while locking people in their homes, while allowing themselves to take to the streets, calls you Fascist, you just laugh and keep on walking.

2 points

This isn't about Trump.. It's about the congressmen up for re-election..

Almost none of them supported him when he won.

It IS about Trumps POLL numbers, though, and he's way behind.

He was at 34% with gallup the day he won.

If Lyndsey Graham and the other vulnerable senators think Trump is gonna lose, they're NOT gonna risk their seats. They'll turn on him in a heartbeat..

In South Carolina? Why would he need anyone of them now when he had none of them when he won?

0 points

My hope is that the republican party will come out of this so damaged that they'll never be a viable party again and will soon be relegated to the trash heap of history along with the all the other dead political parties.

Everyone now knows just how fake the Democrat media is and can see what you're doing in the streets to each other.

I hope this might be the end of fascism for the next hundred years or even better, forever.

Leftists are using guns to take over cities and "make demands". No right wingers are even present. They're at home.

And I agree with you on another thing - Trump will soon quit.

Exactly what CNN claimed in 2016. They always recycle narratives whether it worked the first time or not.

I can imagine that the GOP is begging him to do so now. He's so damaged politically now that the only hope the GOP has is to run Pence. This is the opportunity that Pence has been dreaming of. Pence will then go down in flames in November.

Looks like we found the left wing Alex Jones. You look like a tin foil hat wearer.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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