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RSS JasperMonk

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

How about that one??? DUDE! He's a fucking IMBECILE!!

If I put Democrat quotes on here, our brains would fall out of our heads, and our brain cells would dissolve into nothing. If imbecile was a disqualifier, the Democrats in the House would get walked out by the hundreds.

1 point

I won't be preached to by a looney tune who has no problem with AOC being in office. She makes Walker look like a damn genius. The fact is, you hate him because he's black and dared to disagree with you. If you can put in Stuttering Nancy, Alzheimer Joe and the magic dirt girl, I can put in the black man that I agree with.

1 point

What is this, debate 5,000 that Excon has dodged and ran from this week?

1 point

Now, in terms of who's the actual racist here

It's you. When given the chance to mock Biden's inability to even speak the English language, you found the first black man you came across who didn't do as you and the party of the Klan told him to do and began sounding like your hero Richard Spencer.

1 point

Nahhh.. Hershel Walker is an idiot.. You DID read what he said, didn't you?

Apparently you've never heard of Joe the fuc-ing retard Biden and his inability to get through one fuc-ing sentence. Would you like to have a challenge seeing if you can find more stupid quotes from Walker's mouth than I can find from Biden's mouth? I didn't think so. And here's the part where you run off and disappear again.

2 points

Do you believe the January 6, hearings will be widely viewed?

Excon watched the View or some other provably insane left wing propaganda show, was told Fox News wasn't airing the hearing, and then in reality, they are airing it, but leftism and some other bullshit because he's gonna take their word for it rather than go see for himself.

0 points

Because few people are dumb enough to think that there's some object out there that never had a beginning that vomitted out all of reality including consciousness.

1 point

Yet, he HAS the power to ORDER every single liberal media outlet to DO his bidding

At least you're able to admit it.

1 point

Lemme refresh your memory.. During Trumps term, we got hit with a deadly virus, and HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of civilians DIED

A virus provably created in a lab funded by Fauci and Obama. Your boy Joe said he'd fix it. It's worse. In fact, it's way worse.

1 point

You, Excon are a racist and too stupid to be accountable enough to be called an asshole.

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