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RSS JatinNagpal

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10 most recent arguments.

Can understand. You'd got quite the legacy about that, after all.

"Eternal" punishments and rewards are too convenient and binary to be true. For one who claims to 'preach' truth, you sure are a bit too dimwitted.

There's just one thing I don't quite understand - debating in a manner derogatory to your own side, what is it that you hope for? Are you perhaps overly dedicated on a parody on a religion? Or, as you say, you have really managed to hope that such actions can earn you a reward?

Of course, as always, I'm going to be banned with an irrelevant reply that you'd hope to turn out rather provocative, but you'll miserably fail at that. Unless you managed to think something this time, in which case, do surprise me.

PS : Refrain from trying to use your imaginary tortures in your speech against me, and as much of other people as possible. As I believe you now understand, it isn't a one-sided game to play (even though I find it repulsive how you couldn't guess it by yourself and went crying on me for weeks with miserable attempts at being melodramatic). I'll cease those as well - but I assure you, if you decide to not comply this time as well, I won't be putting up the offer another time.

It's just boring to have the guy threatening everyone on eternal totures to act all hurt on me. I'll take the absense of a reply as denial - but you'll have sufficient time to craft an excellent reply, so don't worry about that.

I didn't intend to be harsh, but after seeing your comments, it becomes harder to hold back. Especially since our conversations are more special than your general ones (in our trying to hold back. Don't worry about me, though - I won't act hurt no matter what you say).

I see, so that's the information you were referring to.

You desire to act, hands of the clock lead to a conclusion that you will need to act quickly if you want to, and thus it makes you move.

In other words (moving away from the specific example), information doesn't exist 'out there', but is constructed from observations. (To reach there has been possible by evolution's role, by the way.)

The hands of (a well functioning) clock merely move at predetermined intervals over labels of numbers. It's conventional to set it according to local time zone so that the label corresponds and you don't have to compare the gaps - that hardly makes any time on the clock as information.

I expected you to have searched that when you wanted to know about it. However, (perhaps over-)simplifying things, everything (matter, energy and interactions) would be constituted of information.

However, that's not what you mean there, I'd guess (from the message), but the experience of processing thoughts. (Since nothing beyond instantaneous perceptions/experiences need any special accounting for, so 'physical information' is rather irrelevant.)

I'm not really back yet - some things require my attention (more details in the message I'm sending).

I'm responding just to debate invites for now.

You know, right, that it just proves what he said?

I hardly care about the points or the difference (as you can see, it's about 30% for me). The difference increases when you downvote others, or are active on a debate beyond the posssibility to earn points, or rarely use the Clarify button. I believe some information on that is available in the FAQs.

In other words, you care too much about points.

Add the weekly leaderboard (in other words, frequency) to that... and it's clear as vaccuum.

They're more efficient and better.

The only place where printed books take the lead is in having physical ownership over them, which is rather impossible for ebooks, especially the way their terms and laws stand now.

Except that, when you want the content rather than ownership, ebooks are better.

but since you find uncertainty to be a fundamental certainty, I suppose you would accept all manner of insufficient tests.

No, it just has to be certain enough to be valid. I'd prefer it to be as certain as possible, but I still don't claim absolute certainty for any such things.

but is rather a different position that you suppose is easier to attack. You previously did the same when you attempted to "reconstruct" my claim into something you prefer to target but is wildly irrelevant.

Then you should make your claims more precise, since you seem to have trouble in that. If you're confused on my reconstruction about any specific point, you can, as always, ask for clarification about that. Or you can even try understanding it by yourself, if that may suit your tastes.

It's as though you claimed that you know a car by whether it has wheels, and then claim that my position is too "case by case" because I take the more nuanced view of considering the engine in addition to the wheels.

I wonder whether that could be called an efficient rhetoric if I didn't know what the talk was about. The fact that you were criticising such things a few sentences ago makes it rather comical.

But anyway, it's more like I'm setting criteria for knowing whether something is a car, and you're saying that any such thing is impossible and we should evaluate it on a per case basis with the totality of circumstances around it. Rather than showing how my analogy fails, you just contented yourself with blaming me for giving it, as if that was your sacred belief. But, that's unsurprising.

and since you are boring me again, I am gonna stop here. I'll let you have the last word again if that makes you feel better.

I don't mind it either way, but you seem a bit too impatient to try to mimic me. Now that it think of it, it must have been insulting, for me to say that you're arguing just because you want the last word (and then not even let you have it).

Haven't seen you much.

Therefore, you seem too impatient to have done it. Even I haven't done it yet (though I intended to, since seeing an old roast series on CD).

To change their opinions.

And, of course, if it happens, they won't be the conservatives they started the debate as.

Also to see why they believe certain things - but that's just my interest for justifications of people.

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