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RSS JavChavez

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0 points

Well I'm kind of on both sides on this one but mostly on the no end. I feel like most people are lazy and don't want to write out the full word. When writing an essay I'm pretty sure nobody wants to put "lol" or "omg" on their essay.

4 points

No. I think they should not do this because this takes away their privacy. No one should be watched. How would you know if they are really doing something? Until the government proves they did something wrong then they would have the right to watch them.

1 point

I think it would be better fatherless the reason why is because i have never had a father in my life. I think that if you have a lousy father you will be taught to be lousy just like him. Parents are supposed to be setting examples for their kids, not just be lazy and that type of thing. Whats the point of having a bum for a father your whole life? you are not going to learn anything from him so why keep him? I feel like a mother can raise a son the same as a father can, well at least my mother did.

1 point

No. I couldn't imagine turning on my spouse like that. I know if i were to do something like that she will be right there next to me not saying a word. Plus if she were to kill someone it would be for a good reason.

0 points

I feel like it is better to do both, but in order to help others you need to help yourself. It all starts with your personal goals before you can help others.

1 point

Yes, his work has a positive meaning. It's not like other stories you read in school. For example, Romeo and Juliet was and still is a great book, and students in high school can relate to that book.

1 point

Being wealthy does bring you respect some how some way. If you have a lot of money people will respect you. Everybody knows if you are wealthy you must have worked hard to be where you are at and they will respect that.

0 points

I would have to say batman is more heroic because he doesn't have superpowers and he just has more at steak than superman.

3 points

I think its better to be loved than feared because you will be good with eveybody. Nobody likes the person that is mean to everybody. If you are loved everybody is on your side, but if u are feared everybody wants to take you out.

0 points

Why would i do that? I'm at lunch so i would be eating instead of being on my laptop.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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