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1 point

How do you know your standard is true? How did you come to that conclusion?

2 points

I didn’t because of the mass amount of people that have had health complications towards the vaccine, and I don’t want to be one of those people who end up having health problems due to a vaccine. I also got COVID in the beginning of this year, so there really isn’t a point to getting it, if I already had it to begin with and have my body’s natural immunity to fight it off, and I haven’t gotten sick since then with any COVID symptoms.

I think if you’re vaccinated you shouldn’t worry about those who isn’t vaccinated because you’re protected, so why does it matter if there are people who don’t have the vaccine? Let people live their life instead of forcing people to take the vaccine. I will never take it.

1 point

I just asked a simple question.

1 point


1 point

There is such a thing as right and wrong, but there is question that must be addressed further and that is "Where does right and wrong come from?" We can't just be making moral claims without any sort of foundation to lay underneath to stand on. If we don't have any sort of foundation to back it up with then you have no basis to make such a claim as to what something is right and what something is wrong.

1 point

There was more wrong than right in the Old Testament. There is more right than wrong in the New Testament. The Old was based entirely on mythology and fear, the New was based more on compassion and "drifted" into mythology, IMO, of course.

According to what standard are you saying that the Old Testament is wrong, and that the New Testament is more right?

1 point

All I have to say regarding the people who claim to be Christians and did these sinful acts were wrong and shouldn't have done what they did. Just because some people who claim to be Christians did some crimes doesn't mean they represent Christianity as a whole. Those are acts that were horrible, but that doesn't mean the faith they believe in is bad. If you do think it's bad based on their acts they did and think that it represents Christianity as a whole then you are committing strawman.

1 point

Exactly that is what abortion is murdering another human being without justification. Thank you for proving my point.

2 points

Just because a law makes it okay to murder a baby doesn't make it right.

2 points

Nope because abortion is in fact murder.

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Winning Position: What comes to mind when you hear the word Christian?

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