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RSS Jazzmaster

Reward Points:44
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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

Actually, no. Banned for your violent debates about me

Lol. How can a debate be violent? Did it punch you on the nose?

2 points

If you take down your death threats, you are welcome on my debates.

You are abusing language (i.e. lying). Nobody made any "death threats". The post you are referring to is/was an obvious attempt at a joke. Everything you write really just emphasises my wider point that you are part of a society which has learned to justify terrible violence/behaviour by cloaking itself in the faux aura of victimhood.

sorry for being mean

Don't contradict yourself, please. You told a lie, banned the guy, then apologised for being mean. That's stupid behaviour.

1 point

This was written by a financial expert by the name NANCY COOK

And do you have any evidence that she is wrong?

Oh wait, no. Of course you don't. Your "evidence" is a series of derisive snorts, punctuated with sarcasm. Not an argument in sight, as per usual. I wish you were capable of understanding that your own ignorance of economics is not an argument that economics experts are wrong.

You should do a lot more reading and a lot less writing. Here, let me start you off:-

Why are We Talking About a Recession? Economists Weigh in

1 point

Yes, it's ego. He doesn't pretend to think he's always correct, he actually does.

Lmfao. Shut up you insane twit. It isn't difficult to be correct when you're arguing with a schizophrenic idiot who thinks he's the chosen messenger of an alien super race, or a lonely, friendless bully who has dedicated his entire life to attacking me.

Both of you are boring, infantile trolls who have nothing better to do with your lives than attack other people. You're pathetic, and what's most pathetic is that the guy you are siding with is the same one who chased you off the site when you were posting as Mingiwuwu, by leaking your idiotic halfwit face all over the internet.

I am less prone to refusing to admit when I'm wrong

Mingi, what you are is something called "delusional". That is, you have problems actually understanding the difference between reality and the insane thoughts which spend all day rolling around your head.

This thread is an obvious troll, and by joining in you only expose yourself as an infantile bully who gets his kicks from slagging other people off over the internet. In sum, you are childish, delusional and pathetic, just like the idiot who opened this thread.

1 point

You said so

So your solution to being caught lying is to tell another lie? Lol.

You deserve the life that you have, and I'm glad you are angry about it.

1 point

You do that and I don't though.

Then show me where I claimed you are stupid "because I say so". Good luck you lying retard.

1 point

Then what evidence do you have that I'm stupid other than your own opinion?

How about the fact that you lie about what the other person has said? That's stupid. How about the fact that you spend your days opening up debates like, "Nom is a fucking retard, Nom is a fucking bitch"? That's stupid. How about the fact that being objectively wrong doesn't stop you from arguing? That's stupid.

You're not a scientist

I'm a qualified scientific journalist.

you don't understand science

Oh fuck off you loser.

1 point

science is the same thing as christianity

That is another strawman argument. When you can't justify your opinion using reason, you resort to making stuff up just like every other idiot on this site. You make stuff up and then tell everybody it's what X believes. It's pathetic, childish, stupid, and evidences that you are a total, unadulterated idiot.

1 point

I am so stupid just because you say so

Another of your stupid straw man arguments. I said you are stupid. I didn't say you are stupid because I say so. Stop inventing your own facts and calling it "science", you blathering idiot. You're not a scientist and you don't understand science. You're a bullying troll who dedicates his life to picking on easy targets like the devoutly religious.

2 points

Can you spell. Practising is spelled Practicing.

Practice is the noun. Practise is the verb. Shut your uneducated mouth, hillbilly.

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