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Well first Elvis is the greatest singer of all time.Not only do I say this but opera singers, and other rock singers have said the same countless times( Rod Stewart,Mick Jagger,Joe cocker, Jim Morrison, Ian Gilliam. They have even had vocal instructors of today say that his ability to change his range and the beauty and quality of his voice are unreal. And he has not sang a song in almost 40 years! I have never heard anyone say Micheal Jackson is the greatest singer. Or at least no one with any knowledge. When i see Micheal Jackson I just see a guy who dances and squalls. I know that all the people around now what Micheal Jackson to be better because the saw him and he is theirs, but really it is a stupid and ridiculous hope. Could anyone really being honest hear Elvis sing anything and not know without any reservation at all he is far and away a better singer.Please watch this clip i have added from 1:25 till 2:05 and please tell me ol Mike can do that. And when you look at Elvis face in that moment know you are loking at the greatest of all.

Elvis suspicious minds live
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