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In other words if someone wants to know skintone, sexual orientation, political leaning before administering verdicts, that makes you feel goid. If your someone believes justice should be blind to skin color or political leaning, you feel good about yourself to hate someone who wants a colorblind and politically blind system of justice. I'd offer you a verdict based on evidence and nothing else. You'd give me a verdict based on my attributes regardless of the evidence. Thanks for revealing what you are to everyone. A bigot who shows no signs of being a "decent person". That clearly is not a term appropriate to describe you.

Come on Alofri. You can't fool us. We all know it was a globalist coup sanctioned by the highest levels of the deep state and with the blessing of the fake news media, executed with perfect precision

Then how did they get caught

I have no face, so I never touch my lack of face.

The UK makes doxxing, trolling and encouraging abuse online illegal

By Vlad Dudau @avladd ยท Oct 10, 2016

You should report him.

What do you think Corbyn's endgame is?

Greedy corporations making more and more money while the poor get poorer.

JeanPalMarat(33) Clarified
1 point

It most certainly is evil. Rich men just get richer.

The press should flood the United States with constant propaganda until it submits. It will error correct their minds.

Yes. That's why these "committees" look like Stalin's Star Chamber.

Shut up you stupid wank. It looks nothing like the Star Chamber.

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Tied Positions: Only for leftist change vs. That riot was different
Winning Position: Unresolved
Tied Positions: Hunter disappeared vs. Corruption

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