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RSS Jenaya_simon

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The deal between the US and Iran is a good one because it allowed the people of Iran to feel a sense of relief. The people of Iran are able to be released from sanctions for a while if they agree to the deal. This could come as a relief to the economy and help them to build it back up. "Negotiators have reached a good agreement and I announce to our people that our prayers have come true," Rouhani said. By the US offering to remove sanctions from Iran in exchange for uranium, is a fair deal. That way both countries are benefiting, which, classifies a fair deal.

1 point

I feel that we should tolerate intolerance because all people have rights. Something you may see as unacceptable, may be something that they feel is necessary according to their religion. Just because some cultures are different, doesn't mean we have the right to put laws on every little thing that is different between our cultures.

Supporting Evidence: intolerance (
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If we build this wall between the US and Mexico, we would be possibly eliminating one source of income to our economy. If the plan is to raise the tariffs on imports and Mexico is one country that imports goods from us then we would lose money for our economy. Also this could lead to many problems in the US because many Mexican-American families would be separated. If the plan is to use tax dollars to pay start paying for the wall, then I think that would be turned down if it came to a vote. Along with many people not agreeing with the wall being put up, many wouldn't want to spend tax dollars to have it done.

Supporting Evidence: Mexican Wall (
Jenaya_simon(4) Clarified
2 points

Can you explain to me how we could keep jobs for lower class if they don't want to do or aren't capable of doing them?

0 points

The TPP actually would boost the economy because it would help us not have to heavily depend on other countries for all of our imports. We could have our own manufacturers make some of the things. "When it comes to the TPP, /TTIP the deal would add over $100 billion to the US economy..."

2 points

The TPP would be a good way for the US to increase its economy. It will reduce costs for businesses, and that would boost growth and lower consumer prices. In other words, it will give manufacturers more of a chance to compete or keep up with manufacturers in Asia. Increased competition would be beneficial to our consumers. Overall, the TPP would add over a 100 billion dollar boost to the US economy.

Supporting Evidence: TTP support (
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