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RSS Jessica-A

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Of course! The grown-ups always say that wearing school uniform is a sign of respect to the school and also tells people which school r u from. Why can't the teachers wear school to show some respect and do this student -must-do stuff? Unfair!!!!

1 point

no way. You can use guns for self defense. Just use it in a coorect way so that you won't kill people.

2 points

Because if you study with the same sex for a long time, and now you must work with a person with opposite sex, you'll feel uneasy. so it is better for children to study and work with people with opposite sex when they are still young. Co-ed schools are better.

1 point

I think all education should be free to everyone because everybody should have an opportunity to be educated so that they could be accepted in the society. It sucks when some kind of school website has the phrase' Give every child the opportunity to excel' and you must pay a fortune to attend that school and they even ask how much do your parents earn and some schools also want you to donate money to attend their school. C-R-A-Z-Y

1 point

I think we should not make school longer because if the students have those boring lessons for the whole day, I think they won't be able to pay attention to the teacher beause they will feel super bored and do sth else. BTW, they can't spend much time with their family and friends. For example, I get up 6:20 and rush to the bus stop to wait for the school bus and go to school. Class dismissed at 5:00 and arrive home 6:30. Walk home for 15 mins. Do hw until 7:30 and take a bath. Dad comes back at 8:00 and do nasty projects and get super busy with my work(career) and go to bed. Not much talking...

1 point

I think school principals should not be elected by school communities because the students and parents may not be satisfied and since they won't know whether the principal is good or not during the election process, I think students and parents should elect new school principal.

1 point

I think schools should spend more money on school supplies because without enough school supplies, students can't have a good and diversified learning environment and it may also affect the student's studies. Even though the school spend a lot of money on healthy foods, the students may not accept it.

1 point

Bitcoin is currently a virtual currency. Most people buy Bitcoin only for speculation. As I know,the value of Bitcoin has dropped dramatically. Quite fun...

1 point

I think drugs legalizing is a controversial thing. Taking drugs can help people who suffer from pain. But overtaking drugs or taking drugs just for fun is not really good. But on the whole, I thimk drug legalizing is a good idea.

1 point

Of couse, no one likes pollution. But who else in the world would like to walk miles and miles to school just to make the air fresh; who else in the world would like to turn off the air-con and turn on the electric fan even it is roasting? This is only my opinion, like it or not.

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