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RSS JesusFreak

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1 point

If you read carefully you would have read that it also says that it is not an inanimate object.

1 point

So there is going to be a species greater than humans.

You were right i did not understand AT FIRST but now i have realized what i was trying to say. What i mean to say was the Big Bang was a supposed explosion billions of years of ago. Now the Law of Entropy states that disorder cannot bring about order. An explosion has never produced order. Lets say a small house blows up. Did it turn into a mansion or is there a pile rubble. Pile Rubble. Why would the Big Bang be any different?

"Under certain circumstances, namely a quantum vacuum, particles can manifest from a void. This is because in our universe, there is no "nothing." Even a vacuum has electromagnetic waves."

So you are saying our universe has always been here and when i say that God has always been here then your right and i'm wrong. You also say you are supported by facts of observation and mathematics. I would like you to give me proof of this.

(esp. the observation part)

1 point

Has an inanimate object ever been observed producing something that is animate?

1 point

That goes against the laws of the universe and laws of the universe cannot be wrong. Inanimate objects are not alive so how can something not alive produce something that is alive. IMPOSSIBLE.

0 points

Evolution states that things will evolve in to something better and more advanced. If this true then why is the universe and the world "deteriorating." Nothing is exactly what it is "no thing." Therefore how can subsistences come from nothing. If you say it was just there then that is the same thing as saying that God was just there.

1 point

If matter and energy can't be created or destroyed then doesn't that go against evolution to because evolution says something came from nothing?

1 point

Evolution is a religion.

Merrian-Webster dictionary

religion - a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith.

now that you know what religion is lets look at how that applies to evolution.

Evolution defies science. never-reality/

1 point

"JesusFreak is one of those people who holds up signs that have all kinds of horrendous slander written upon them, degrading different people who oppose their religious views."

If i were doing that then i would be going against what I believe.The people you are describing are apart of every religion; they are obsessed and degrade the religion they supposedly support. I am not even close to being one of those people you are describing.

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