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RSS JewsAreGay

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His only fondness is for America as it used to be (i.e. pre-Reagan). Since you weren't even alive back then, I'd say that doesn't qualify you as the best person to comment about whether his nostalgia has merit.

Since you weren't even alive and didn't directly experience Nazi Germany who are you to say an extremely old Nazi is wrong for looking fondly upon Nazi Germany? I mean, he's older than you so he is smarter by default and it's not like you can actually learn about a time period or place without directly experiencing it. It's also totally impossible for things like nostalgia and patriotism to corrupt someone's perception of something, that literally never happens. Also, since a 90 year old Jew and a 90 year old Nazi could have both lived through the Nazi regime and formed completely different opinions about it, you can only logically accept BOTH of their perspectives as more valid than your own because since they are both much older and both lived through something you didn't they are both much more intelligent than you and their thoughts on that something hold more merit than yours, despite the fact that they contradict one another in every way.

1 point

I don't CARE if he’s a good person or not

You would if he was a "bad" person in ways you care about and think are bad. If he was the same person in every way except he happened to not think like you on the subject of Jews, he would suddenly become the antithesis of everything "right". You don't care if he rapes children and eats live kittens and puppies for breakfast as long as he agrees that you belong to a fictional race.

1 point

I care that he's on the right side of the argument, and he IS in spades.

He is not on the right side of the argument. He doesn't even know what side of the argument he's on because he claims to be a social-democrat while blowing America like a gaggle-gobbering blowjob mechanism. Just like you.

1 point

Because you're a pointless, stupid idiot.

I am a genius. I am better than you in every way and in every OTHER way.

JewsAreGay(11) Clarified
1 point

I agree. So is minus one.

My intellect is minus infinity, which means it's infinity because infinity is by definition comprised of everything which would include all negative and positive numbers.

0 points

How did this man become president of the United States?

Because corrupt, greedy, sociopathic people always find their way into positions of wealth and power. It's a basic rule of logic that selfishness wins out because if you always act in such a way that benefits your own self-interest to the maximum extent then your self-interest will be served better than if you serve other's self-interest to any extent without it ultimately being done out of your own self-interest. Thinking about others without it stemming from thinking about yourself ultimately diverts your energy away from maximizing your own self-interest and thus diminishes how much life rewards you for your actions because your actions are no longer being devoted to serving yourself. As long as you are intelligent about it, the more selfish you are the better of a position you can put yourself in generally speaking. Anyone who fails to realize this or doesn't properly use this information due to morality is a retard who will always be stepped on in life.

The basic facts of life are above your level of intellect.

1 point

I'm sure he's not a bad person. I am more interested in whether or not he is a stupid or irrational person. I think he is, because he lacks the ability to think for himself, adapt to new information, or follow simple logic. He also lacks the ability to separate his beliefs from his ego or recognize the difference between opinions and facts. You likely have the same problems, or else you would not be missing the point to such an extreme level.

1 point

I'm not attracted to men though.

You can't prove that.

1 point

This debate appears to be a bit above your level of intellect.

Nothing is above my level of intellect.

1 point

Perhaps stick with asking people's opinions about which sugary drinks they like the taste of.

I am more interested in the chemical properties of energy drinks and which ones produce the best effects on the brain and body.

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