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RSS JlynSnerling

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Makenzie (3)

I agree with option 3. This is because option 3 is the option with the least bloodshed and doesn't involve waiting them out. If we try to compromise with North Korea instead of threatening them, it could prevent a messy war in the future.

1 point

People should be able to express themselves for their beliefs and of course people should be able to express their opinion that may be against, but there are certain ways to do that. Killing somebody or harassing them is not they way to do it. Simply respect each others opinions or beliefs and let it be. Acting in violence because one does not believe the same thing you believe in is very illogical.

1 point

Religion is religion, and I acknowledge that. Religion should remain remotely untouched, and religious tolerance is important, but there comes a point where enough is enough. When other groups are being intolerant towards US, it is not the time to be tolerant towards them. When it's in someone's religion (or being promoted by someone's religion) to hurt the citizens of this country, or any country, and go against everything we believe in, actively and violently, it is time for our government to step in and shut it down. I still think religion should be respected and protected, but to certain extents; everyone is entitled to their own opinion and should be allowed to promote and participate in basic components of their religion (etc. wearing burkas, wearing crosses, public worshiping), but if these actions cross over the line and into the area of harming anyone, without their consent, it should not be tolerated. There is no justification for the removal of basic human rights, and as a democracy we should work to protect them. Intolerance should not be fought with tolerance; it should be fought by the government with dedication and consideration for the country's people.

Supporting Evidence: What is religious intolerance? (
1 point

The wall is a brilliant idea. A lot of immigrants come to America and take jobs , such as, maids, taxi drivers, janitors, and construction workers. This wall will not only prevent them from coming over to our land to take our jobs, but to motivate them to develop their own jobs and stuff. Also some of these immigrants flee from there country because of their criminal background. This increases the crime rate due to the Mexican rapists, gang bangers, and etc. The wall is simply decreasing the amount of problems that we have with immigrants in our country now.

Supporting Evidence: Jobs immigrants are taking. (
2 points

The TPP was created by corporations, which makes it evident that this deal plays in favor of the companies at the expense of consumers and laborers. As a supranational trade deal, it ignores borders. Workers and their families, however, still live within these borders. Their nations, not international corporations, are obligated to provide the preconditions for democracy and a decent standard of living. Corporations are not obligated to anyone but their shareholders. They care about profit. Nations are the only entities through which a common good can be served. Our policies should keep national interests before corporate profit goals. Until Coca Cola has citizens instead of customers and shareholders, nations need to look out for their own people.

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