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RSS Jody

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10 most recent arguments.
0 points

Inadvertently admitting that your continent cannot defend itself from a bunch of meatheads without us.

Ohhh this must be the part where you say that the US won the Second World War 不不不不不

You guys cannot win wars unless you count Grenada which is the size of my back garden

Your very good though at blowing up childrens hospitals and schools in foreign lands and the worlds best at school shootings ....go USA 不

The scramble for Africa happened after the Civil War. Are you retarded or just historically inept?

Read what I said you burger chomping half -wit Europeans supplied you idiots with your slaves

Here in the Pacific States, we resent the south because it got all it's culture, namely cousin-fucking, extreme racism, and uncultured taste in entertainment from you euro fucks. It's whole lineage is derived from European Aristocrats, slaveowners and settlers.

Yet you and you mainly uncultured obese nation of half -wits spend your lives scouring Europe looking for the birth place of your relatives and boring us all to death with your ignorant , loud mouthed opinions when you get here ......youre a nation of in -breeds

Your disgusting culture has manifested itself as the tumor that is the South.

Thats funny my culture includes the worlds greatest , writers , artists , musicians yours gives us Hollywood , Disneyland and Mc Donalds ....oh and Donald Duck Trump 不不不

Clearly I was wrong about free higher education if you are all this stupid.

Ahh your against free education you prefer to get ripped off in education , and health care fees I love my freebies

Regards higher education Americans have colleges of hamburgerology and give out degrees in this , this is American higher education guys are comedy gold 不不不不

1 point

That entire post right there, is proof that you can't represent your own side of the argument truthfully.

Yet Im presenting an FBI source that confirms my assertions , got ya still posted nothing

My personal description for police that you could actually consider to be overweight by their appearance, and not by some test that is applied.

But its nothing to do with your opinion how stupid are you?

You deny a test that confirms overweight is an issue in the police force, whys that ?

I also never agreed to any aspect of the 40% was true, just noting that several of the search responses measured around that percentage.

Ok post up your sources that state otherwise seeing as you claim the FBI is lying for reasons you seem to know but cannot mention


So now that you've been caught lying yet again, how am I really supposed to believe that you'll go about this in an honest fashion?

The only one caught lying is you as yet again being a cowardly individual and American when educated by your betters you take offence I see it as a duty to enlighten ignorant Americans should thank me

1 point

Yes. It was called the Marshall Plan.

不不不 That was guilt money paid over not getting involved in the war earlier ......

Euros had their asses ravaged by men with bows and spears multiple times in Africa.

Sure thing which is why yanks relied on Euros to supply them with slaves

Namely Ethiopia. But go on about how your culture of cousin-fucking aristocrats is superior to that of the American South.

Cousin fucking this from a rube from the south where interbreeding is seen as a norm , youre from a nation of uneducated yobs who think that watching Rocky movies while eating a tub of ice cream dressed in a Hawaiian T shirt with a maga hat atop your pin -head is high culture 不不不不不

1 point

不不 Sure buddy that must be it ....Dr C " I'm American and have only ever seen 2 overweight cops in my life ,yet I agree 40% are overweight "

Your a very amusing little fellow

1 point

You're seriously the kind of pompous chauvinistic euro who thinks every state is exactly like Texas.

Translation : you realise you dont like being schooled by a cultured European , get used to it and thank me

Your culture is needing the US and the Soviets to rebuild your shithole continent out of the ashes of WW2 because you're all to racist and stupid to do it youself.

Ha, Ha youre hilarious the US rebuilt Europe 不不不不不 the US has never even won a war a dozen emaciated rice farmers in Vietnam kicked your burger chomping army of fatties back to your slave loving racist shit hole of a gun crazy country

1 point

Oh do shut up you uncultured blithering half -wit , better being a cultured European rather than a loudmouthed yank who thinks a Big Mac with a bud lite is the height of sophistication and hails Trump as an intellectual power house 不不不

2 points

No, I said that I've seen two that could actually be claim to be overweight. Which means they visually had what you would consider an overweight appearance. Please stop trying to push a lie, because this is really starting to get sad.

What are you even babbling about you idiot you admitted 40% then denied and you still claim youve never seen an overweight police man ......remember only 2 ever in your life ......everyone can see how you attempt to lie your way out of saying very stupid things


No deflection, asking for some form of verification is part of learning if something is correct, or not.

What you're basically saying is that a government agency tells you to believe something, that you're just going to downright believe them, no matter what they say.

No Im saying youre an idiot who denies every stat that doesnt push your narrative that only two overweight police men exist in the US


I've also not admitted to 40%, but measure being around it.

So more than 2 cops ? 不 what exactly are you trying to achieve you idiot?

Please learn to read some of these post before you respond. Because right now you're just hurting your own image at this point.

Ha, Ha says the lying idiot who lives in the US and has never seen an obese police man yet believe around 40 % are obese / overweight 喫不不不不不got ya buddy

1 point

So in validating that there are in fact some overweight police, I somehow denied that they exist..

You didnt validate you claimed you only ever saw 2 thats a deliberate lie

do you not know how bad pushing such a misconception makes you appear?

No misconception on my part you were caught lying and denying facts


If someone releases a report, I would at least like to see their work.

Well you go tell the FBI they are wrong also you agreed 40% were overweight using other sources so why are you deflecting?

I don't know if you've been paying attention, but the FBI has had it's onw issues with pushing out the wrong information in the past, and not owning up to something when they get their information wrong.

What motive would the FBI have in stating weight issues in the force?

Look at the next piece of police footage from the US and I bet the majority are overweight despite you only ever seeing 2 in your entire life

Use the sources you cited saying 40% then? Youve admitted the 40% so what are you even arguing about ?

You got schooled son suck it up , move on

0 points

esus this is the stupidest thing I've heard so far. If people want to use it for self defense then there's no problem

But you denied this yesterday like the dumb American fuck you are you lied when you said the main reason was for hunting

, especially since they NEED them if they live in an agricultural community.

Yet I live in an agricultural gun free country dummy

Regardless you're asking that 72 million Americans shed their rights to own a gun because a maximum of 0.005% (roughly 20,000) have used them and it costed a human life.

LOL you live in the 121 st least peaceful country in the world own it son

I clearly need no education from an ignorant limey Eurocuck who has no understanding of my history, culture, or country. Have fun in your padded cell of an island lobsterback.

Im not a limey dummy yanks always think theres only one country in Europe , American culture 不不不 yeah sure , Big Macs , obesity and action movies .......culture 不不不

Youre killing me buddy

2 points

Guns are much more widely used for hunting and sport in the US

Thats yet another lie 10 million Max are used for hunting most Americans admit to having them for self defence as you live in the 121st least peaceful country in the world ......Why do us Europeans have to keep educating yanks that dont know what goes on in their own shit hole of a country ?

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