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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

The Taliban had overwhelming support in their own country this bullshit about “human rights “ and a nation oppressed is nonsense the Taliban were welcomed in most parts of the country by their own kind primitive superstitious rag heads who treat women like cattle , let the fuckers at it

40 million population and reporters say the people are terrified yet I don’t see even a few thousand people at the airports fleeing ….funny that

It’s hilarious watching camera crews at the airport filming escaping people mostly western all trying to flee ……to see fucking Christian missionaries trying to get out is beyond comical what the fuck were the idiots hoping to achieve ?

1 point

I agree totally again , I was only reading yesterday an article by a bleeding heart PC politician who claimed “it can be hard to embrace “multiculturism “ when you’re from a different persuasion “ …..a pile of utter horse shit people like that deserve a fucking slap , I wonder how this stupid fucking cow would feel if her 12 year old daughter was handed over as part payment of a debt as approved in countries with Sharia law … is shouted down by the PC “ some of my best friends are Muslim “ crowd if they dare voice their opinions

On a site yesterday in Dublin a rag head was wailing about how his rights were not being acknowledged in Ireland and of course the dinner party PC crowd joined in to sympathise with him , not I as I told the scumbag “why not fuck off back to Saudi Mustaffa and wail about rights you filth bag “?

He kicked a right fuss up , I invited him to a meet up if he wished where we could “discuss “ his grievances …..he fled never to be seen again

2 points

Muslim woman goes to a clothes shop tries a dress on comes out of the changing room and says “ Mustaffa does my bomb look big in this………”🤣🤣🤣

Jody(1792) Clarified
2 points

Hi A ,

Muslims are scum anywhere they are they are insular and regressive creatures who are constantly making demands on governments and governments cave in all the time to their demands

Where I live the majority are Christian I’m Atheist but I still see absolutely no harm in Christians having a crib in the workplace at Christmas with any decorations they choose , when the rag heads came to my country those working in hospitals demanded cribs were removed as they found them “deeply offensive “ of course hospitals mostly complied to and were given thumbs up from the PC friendly brigade

We had a bearded cunt of an Iman from Saudi who was a professor of Islamic studies who was invited to lecture at Trinity college the cunt agreed but demanded that all food served he would have to approve of , no alcohol , no women present at his lecture , no woman should approach him or attempt to address him etc , etc

of course his demands were met and the PC crowd were thrilled at our level of “multicultural acceptance “

What a fucking world we have created we had men who died in World War One and two in the millions now we have a generation of self entitled wannabes who take to their mobile phones to type outrage at friends who have been “misgendered “ or to vent about the unfair treatment of vicious primitive rag heads who they see as victims

You’re spot on we will rue the day in Europe we accepted these dogs into our societies ……I see the US tragically is going to take a share of them in if latest reports are correct

2 points

Shitholes like these should be left to their own devices , human rights are non existent in Afghanistan , Saudi , Pakistan read online how these backward primitive dogs treat the elderly , women and children ….people are kicked , beaten and burnt to death for alleged crimes against the pedo Muhammad …..

It’s vile that my country along with other bleeding heart European countries are taking these dogs in , watch and wait they arrive all humble and grateful yet within in a few years will be accusing people of insulting the prophet and demanding special rights ….drop a nuke on the lot of these fuckers problem solved

1 point

it's just basic decency.

You’re spot on I do the same , this stuff appears to be difficult for some people the why is beyond me

1 point

Ideologically, Neither Scotland nor Northern Ireland has a right to secede

“Ideologically “? That’s your opinion nothing else.

Britain never had the “right “ to invade , loot and slaughter populations of other countries , you think it right that Brits took land , wealth and properties from those who owned them ?

British landlords relatives still own and profit from land looted in countries across the globe it’s all just fine once the Brits are doing it imagine the wailing if they were the victims

2 points

Haven’t seen Al on DI , I sincerely hope he’s ok he’s a lovely man

0 points

Inadvertently admitting that your continent cannot defend itself from a bunch of meatheads without us.

Ohhh this must be the part where you say that the US won the Second World War 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

You guys cannot win wars unless you count Grenada which is the size of my back garden

Your very good though at blowing up children’s hospitals and schools in foreign lands and the worlds best at school shootings ....go USA 👌🤣

The scramble for Africa happened after the Civil War. Are you retarded or just historically inept?

Read what I said you burger chomping half -wit Europeans supplied you idiots with your slaves

Here in the Pacific States, we resent the south because it got all it's culture, namely cousin-fucking, extreme racism, and uncultured taste in entertainment from you euro fucks. It's whole lineage is derived from European Aristocrats, slaveowners and settlers.

Yet you and you mainly uncultured obese nation of half -wits spend your lives scouring Europe looking for the birth place of your relatives and boring us all to death with your ignorant , loud mouthed opinions when you get here’re a nation of in -breeds

Your disgusting culture has manifested itself as the tumor that is the South.

That’s funny my culture includes the worlds greatest , writers , artists , musicians yours gives us Hollywood , Disneyland and Mc Donald’s ....oh and Donald Duck Trump 🤣🤣🤣

Clearly I was wrong about free higher education if you are all this stupid.

Ahh your against free education you prefer to get ripped off in education , and health care fees I love my freebies

Regards “higher education “ Americans have colleges of hamburgerology and give out degrees in this , this is “American higher education “ guys are comedy gold 👌🤣🤣🤣🤣

1 point

That entire post right there, is proof that you can't represent your own side of the argument truthfully.

Yet I’m presenting an FBI source that confirms my assertions , got ya still posted nothing

My personal description for police that you could actually consider to be overweight by their appearance, and not by some test that is applied.

But it’s nothing to do with your opinion how stupid are you?

You deny a test that confirms overweight is an issue in the police force, why’s that ?

I also never agreed to any aspect of the 40% was true, just noting that several of the search responses measured around that percentage.

Ok post up your sources that state otherwise seeing as you claim the FBI is lying for reasons you seem to know but cannot mention


So now that you've been caught lying yet again, how am I really supposed to believe that you'll go about this in an honest fashion?

The only one caught lying is you as yet again being a cowardly individual and American when educated by your betters you take offence I see it as a duty to enlighten ignorant Americans should thank me

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