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RSS JoeBlogs

Reward Points:-14
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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

Quantumhead's aliens seeded the Earth with British alien microscopic seeds theory made evolution obsolete.

1 point

Shut up nom's dupe account. Come Lick on these hairy balls you cunt slirping lizard snatch crap weasel brainless dickless giant terd gobbling trash whore!

1 point

I just wanted to show off my butt & say that me, joebloggs am trying to slander bronto with my puppet army. I am sick in the head. I need help. Does anyone have a baby I can spank?

2 points

I am sorry that I am lying & providing fake links from garbage sites. I feel like a big dickhole.

1 point

I've been touching myself all night. Would you like to eat my chubby ass you neo Nazi halfwitted tuna fish vag?

JoeBlogs(-14) Clarified
1 point

As is usual, you are wrong you neo Nazi, halfwit, fuckwitted snatch face.

1 point

I openly admit that I and NumberOne are the exact same user. I am sorry that I used dupe accounts.

1 point

Liberals always want to hate & kill conservatives for their beliefs. People who aren't conservatives have beliefs that are violent & racist & liberals say nothing simply because the people don't claim to be conservatives. I cannot believe how backwards liberal thinking is. It's like they don't really stand for anything other than contradicting or opposing the Republican Party. That is their entire platform.

3 points

You might ought to check your pants. I smell bullshit. Nevemind. It is your breath. Take a mint for Christ's sake.

1 point

There's a whole lot of wank going on, a whole lot of wank going on.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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