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RSS Joelsteele

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So you believe that teacher's workloads should increase as their break times are reduced. Physical Education is actually a very valuable subject that teaches students not only physical skills and fitness but also social and emotional wellbeing and covers topics such as drug education and sex ed. Would you continue to deny the importance of such a subject?

2 points

Very logical, I agree, the family or friends would be a more reliable source because they are less deluded than the person who thought it was right to kill others. This isn't to say that the murderer's verbal accounts of his own experience could not also be valuable information to piece together the puzzle.

3 points

Your reasoning is solid. I agree that the people who are killed are mostly innocent people and that those killed by the death penalty are almost certainly guilty of the crime. We differ in our ideological basis whereby I believe that even a serial killer's human life is precious. I believe that people are essentially good but their view can become twisted and perverted and they lose control and basic morality. Society should be protected by all means from such people ie, life sentences, I only wish that their lives could be spared in the hope that some good may come from them. Thanks for the debate

1 point

Many people use arguments of evolution describing humans as advanced animals and that the purpose of life is to reproduce. It is quite obvious that there are greater purposes in life than reproduction.

I agree that we should not blindly follow animal instincts. These instincts are often unhelpful though some are helpful. For example a mother's compassion for her children is instinctual and should be valued and developed however the tendency to physically harm those who anger you is not helpful and should be abandoned.

1 point

"The law of karma is a special instance of the law of cause and effect, according to which all our actions of body speech and mind are causes and all our experiences are their effects" Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Also, In the Vinaya Sutras, Buddha says:

"For every action we perform we experience a similar result."

Any negative action has three types of effect,1. the ripened effect, 2. the effects similar to the cause and 3. the environmental effect.

An example of killing:

1. rebirth lower than human

2. tendancies to kill in the future + a shortened life with sickness and disease

3. hostile, dangerous or uncomfortable environment lacking necessities

2 points

Ok, so we should weigh up the good and bad that comes from it. It has deterred at least some people from killing others. However it has led to the deaths of many more people (all the murderers) compared to the number deterred.

"Do we really want to keep Charles Mansons in BTK Killers alive in jails with the chance of escape." I believe the chance of escape is remote especially considering the amount of security provided for such high profile cases.

0 points

If we were to remove the teacher to cut expenditure then what would the children do during that time at school? The children would need another teacher to fill that time whom would also need to payed. Would this not be the case?

2 points

By killing a murderer, it is not only he who suffers. It is everyone he knows, especially his parents. In this way instead of stopping sufferings, it prolongs them. Can you prove that killing a murderer is beneficial?

3 points

Why would you prefer people to be killed rather than jailed away from society so that their harm is neutralised?

1 point

Science has not caused the world's problems. All problems that seem to be created by science such as A-Bombs were actually caused by people's selfishness. If there was no selfishness there would be no problems caused by science as science would be used to benefit others.

To summarise, science itself is not the problem, it is the way people use it that causes problems. What causes people to use it to create problems? selfishness.

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