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RSS Jogotskilz16

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K-Rino is a good ass rapper but he is not the best rapper on the planet there are wayyy better;

- Eminem

- Jay-Z

- Kanye West

- Kendrick Lamar


- Tupac

- and many more..

This is not a pathetic underling this is a fact that the best rapper is Eminem. He is the best rapper of all time with the most diamond records and has more awards than any rapper that you name. Prove me wrong.

2 points

I say Lebron James due to the fact that he could easily average 30 points but at his age of 33 in his 15th season he is averaging 27.7 points (-3.0), 9.2 assist (+0.4), and 8.7 rebounds (+3.3). He is practically averaging a triple-double. That is ridiculous to do in your 15th season, Lebron has also made history with the most made 2-point shots in history with 15.5 per game, the only other player that has done something close was Amar's Stoudemire with 13.2 per game. If you really want to get to details here's both of their overall stats in which I'll put up on the end of the season.

I surprisingly support this claim. Yes I do think their should be regulations on tobacco, cigarettes to be exact but also some maybe even most will not follow those regulations. So the only really way is to make it so that their is a severe punishment that will make them scared and may cause some people to stop, but not all cause even though their are laws doesn't mean that those laws will stop anyone from not breaking the law.

2 points

I say yes because in the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution it says we have the freedom of speech. It does not justify where and/ or when we have this right, it just says we have the freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or a community to articulate their opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation, censorship, or sanction.

True but don't forget the fact that they can kill multiple people at once.

Jogotskilz16(40) Clarified
1 point

Then why did you join the discussion. If you're not here to debate why join.

Dude can you ever give logical explanations for anything. Don't just comment just to comment actually try and add facts into an argument.

Yes I would like to take this deeper. I would gladly like to prove you wrong. BRING IT ON!!!

Will the warriors make it that far, will they loose in the first round without Steph?

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Winning Position: Lebron "The King" James
Tied Positions: Choose you're Eastern Conferen vs. Choose you're Western Conferen

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