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United State Constitution Class 101.

1. The basic principle in murder is Lethal Force not Gun as united state.

2. Gun in basic principle is a machine an by united state must be accompanied with bullet, plus a person to hold only potential for application of lethal force as a United State. An example of a complex state of conditions.

3. When murder of some kind is the legal precedent, then a basic principle must be added to make a balanced United State held between two principles of constitutional address for law as public legislation.

4. A woman is not a wise old man.

5. A woman is not a man who sits for the future of all men under oath of United State Constitution. In basic principle never will be.

6. A woman can be called a Presadera by any voter as it simply implies she has been place as a witness by her ability to basically represent the honest truth all woman may share as united state.

John_C_1812(277) Clarified
1 point

Lunacy forms a united State...……………...In the America's...………….

Has this article been a help Yes ? No?

John_C_1812(277) Clarified
1 point

It is unclear if anyone in Chicago is legally allowed to maintain the right to bear arm,or Common defense to the general welfare of American United State Constitutional right. The condition set was nothing more that Ability to preserve United State Constitution with basic principle.

To understand context, American United State Constitution does have a 2nd Title. It would be called the American Declaration of Independences,1st Amendment, Article I.

Life is not a right. Guns are not responsible for death as united state. Even one person who has designed and built a new type gun admitting their gun was built to kill is not proving a united state.The key point made is a self-incrimination "their." Design improves an abuse or second, third, forth, and etc...condition as legal precedent.

All American United State Constitutional right depends on three things.

1. A United State.

2. Basic principle.

3. Legal Precedent.

Is gun ownership a right, for law abiding adults? No, not as a United State, if it had ever been just right there would be no question in debate over gun ownership.

Is gun ownership a American Constitutional right, for law abiding United State adults? Yes, The basic principle in Preamble of American constitution makes a call on all common defense to the general welfare as a united state, including gun. The 2nd Amendment then goes into a 2nd basic principle a militia with a burden of bearing arms is a peaceful assembly. The Amory can be independent and not held in United State.

Yes a mentally stable requirement as condition of a person can be a influence on a right to bear arm, however the professional must be able to demonstrate an ability to preserve American United state Constitution in order to take away the burden of anyone else. A state issued license in not enough. Keep in mind this also means a Medical Doctor who is to determine any mental perforce as condition shall be responsible for continual demonstration of preserving American United State Constitution.

Then, No, Abiding by law is not required only, a person must preserve united State, and Constitution which is detailing a law must be legal in its use of basic principle and legal precedent both.

""Note"" Interpretations in all constitution is limited by basic principle not any enquired Knowledge as a united state.

-1 points

Pregnancy abortion is just a public admission of guilt describing the crime of murder. Admissions of guilt are very hard to detail as illegal crime as they are the confession to such actions and not the crime they describe to others. Admissions are found to be Unconstitutional and are in most cases proven to be a crime outside the crime described by the self-incrimination.

If there is a technical justification science is the only organized group that performs pregnancy abortions as a united State. In vitro fertilization officially stops a human pregnancy an female specific amputation reinstates a woman’s menstruation cycle.

It should be noted that no-where in the process of in vitro fertilization does the science community state a pregnancy abortion takes place.

Isn't it a Batter or flour Cake not Dough cake? batter and dough are not equal there are a very few cakes that are really made with dough. It was not clear if such a limit was intentional or not. Sorry if it is a dumb question.

John_C_1812(277) Clarified
1 point

So what you are both saying is Theory is an educated opinion?

That is true but so should education. By the way accidental death is not homicide, it is not murder. While forced assisted suicide, and intentional death are still homicide. Lethal force is not, but may be. this is constitutional understanding of the use of the word murder.

John_C_1812(277) Clarified
1 point

President of the United States of America is and will always be for all time a lifetime position, It is marked by the separation made by republic to which there is a relief which directs Presidents to a liberty of choice as to how best serve the United States Constitutional representation for the people.

*"I am lonely over here!".

Being right in such a wrong way is a new direction by basic principle. First Amendment Freedom of Speech 2018.

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"work, Programming, wood work, writing, music"

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Name: John 
Gender: Male
Age: 57
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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