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RSS JohnsonMom2

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3 points

So your saying that you believe in God because you have nothing better to do??? What about J.r "Bob" Dobbs... I mean at least there is some humor there!! What about budah or what about the sun "You can see that!!!"

3 points

"God", this man is a joke!! I mean seriously , we all have common sense right ? Well some of us do anyway. So we spend our entire lives believing in this man that is invisable in the sky that makes all these decisions of rather we should live or die, get raped or hung, and all the other miraculas things he does. He is such a great friend he wrote a book that we cant understand because it contridicts itself in so many ways. FOR EXAMPLE: he sends a man to the top of the hill to kill his son, this is a sacrifice to please him. Him being the man who said in the 10 commandments "thou shalt not kill." Beat thy child it shall not die!!! Thats a great guy ... thanks God I got my ass beat for that scripture... I mean beat bad by a preacher .... who had GOD on his side. If he is there PROVE IT... if you are so great and powerful , show yourself!!! You can turn the water into wine and tell us not to get drunk... Kind of a tease dont you think!!! But with that to the side yourself.... we have become a society that conviently believes in their God... car reck ,"Oh God help me" What you didnt even talk to God all week last week... FAKE is the word that comes to mind!!! I know this bible thru and thru and cant see how people actually believe in it... A book they found in differant parts of the dessert and only published the ones they thought were good. I mean some of those chapters you know the author was eating shrooms or acid or something.. A burning bush talks to a man..... You would be hospitalized for that statement these days!!!!!!

1 point

Thats classic come on chick really... I mean sure they can reproduce and so do plants and animals... They are sick and unethical. So they decide they want to reproduce and use a sperm doner (man or woman depending on you flavor) so once again some child is born not knowing their father or mother.. Its all fun and games trying to see how far you can push the system...In some states it is illegal for a woman to have a fist in her but you can shove your cock in another mans but!!!!! ????

1 point

if it is so personal why are they going around waving rainbow flags..... if it is so personal why can I google search it and find it all over the internet. If it is so personal , why are there lawsuits in court everyday of predudice.. the next thing you know we are going to have a holiday for those Gays that were persucuted. Come on give me a break. I sat in a restuarnt the other day with my children and watched a disgusting performance of PDA by two very girly men. My children and I were throwing up in our mouths !!! But it is their personal life and we should stay out of it?????

0 points

It is 100% wrong to let a homosexual raise a child. If they are this confused about their sexuallity , do you really think they should be trusted with children. If you are raised by two women you are missing out on all the father things you should get. Yes , most couples are divorced and this means there are rarley ever both parents involved. So we have already screwed up their heads by them not knowing where the missing parent is, so we say" Here kid that I love so much let me confuse you more. Further more the number of Homosexual men that are passing aids.. is this really the gift that you want for your child. Your child being the key word. How dare you take a child who is in the system because something totally messed up happened in their lives , and throw a gay lifestyle in front of them. You sick people!!!!! Have a heart .... quit being so selfish , maybe you should get a face lift or to loose a few pounds!! Turning to the person of the same sex is a low blow to yourself and the people around you!!.

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